Thursday, July 02, 2009

it's just wrong

overheard at work today:

"i got my mom to stop buying high-waisted jeans. that was an accomplishment."

ah, the evils of bad pants. i saw many new trends in pant-ware while in denmark, including harem pants & low-crotch pants.

seriously, who's idea was that?


  1. I think those jeans must be passed down from mom to mom, 'cause I have never seen them in stores. Of course, I don't really look at Lane Bryant catalogs that often either. Anyway you look at it though, Mom jeans are hurting America's street cred, and I worked dang hard for that cred.

  2. Mom jeans are only found at K-mart in the Jacqueline Smith collection and at Shopko by Ryder jeans. Knowing that makes me feel a little freakish.

  3. Harem pants and low-crotch pants are scary. It does not surprise me that Lohan and Fergie would wear them.