Monday, June 08, 2009

through the looking glass

as i was spending close to a week sifting through and editing all 1200-sh of my photos from denmark, i often felt enchanted by how blue the sky was there. (when the sun was out, that is.) i would stare at these photos, remembering the place and inspiration for taking the photograph, and wondering to myself, "is the sky normally that blue?"

one particular day when i was caught up in this thought, i simply looked up at the sky on my bike right the sky really is that blue. why don't i ever notice it?

i think it's easy for me to so caught up in photographing a moment, framing it perfectly, and taking the shot a couple of times to make sure i end up with the shot i wanted, that i forget to actually take a small moment and enjoy what i am trying to capture. i might never get those few seconds back, especially those experienced in denmark. thankfully, my memories are locked in a photograph, but perhaps they are more surreal and less concrete.

as i find my inner photographer growing inside of me, sometimes screaming to be let free, it's both comforting and enlightening to have such a freeing moment of realization. the experiences i crave of both beauty and awe are only being seen or even noticed through a camera lens. i just need to simply look, unobscured.

take a few seconds, right now and look around. isn't the sky so wonderfully blue?


  1. That first picture makes me want to lay on some soft grass and look for shapes in the clouds.

    The word verification right now is 'bleurc'. Coincidence?

  2. The sky and I are locked in a lifelong love affair. I'm obsessed. Always have been. Always will be. You take PRETTY pictures my dear.

  3. Your blog is distracting me from my homework. Stop posting so many amazing pictures, okay? Sheesh!

    p.s. I'm expectantly waiting for Denmark.