Thursday, June 18, 2009

adventures in semi-domesticity

my friend ruth posted an inspiring video a couple of weeks ago that's been on my mind lately. i loved elder utchdorf's message and have found myself thinking about how often i use excuses for not creating.

"i'm not creative."

"i can't sew."

"i'm not good with my hands."

"whatever i try and make will just turn out really bad, so why try?"

now, while i still think some of these things are true, i decided to expand the realm of "creativity" in my mind. being creative does not mean you have to become a martha stewart type. there are so many other ways i can create and find joy. since i've been married (almost a year! gasp!), i've felt an inner desire to be more "creative." as i've mentioned in previous blogs, i've really grown to love cooking. i'm constantly on the look-out for new recipes, i have a list of kitchen gadgets and such that i really, really, REALLY want, and i am loving to learn to be one with my kitchen and enjoy the time i spend in there. it's almost to the point where it's become a relaxing task and something i can do to unwind. i absolutely love it. it's a beautiful process. here are some of my inspirtations/aspirations:

the pioneer woman. no words to describe. just complete love.
bakerella. talk about creativity! everything she does is absolutely adorable. one day, i'll have good reason to make (or attempt to make) her delectable treats.
smitten kitchen. i'm honestly afraid to try some of her recipes, but one cannot deny how beautiful and delicious her food looks.

photo by PW, source here

i've been meaning to post new recipes i'm found and have fallen in love with and particularly our pizza recipe i make from scratch every thursday (which has become pizza night at our house! [seriously, it doesn't take much for me...]), and i promise i will. i want to start involving photography so you can actually see what i'm doing/making. (yeah? neah?) to be continued.

something i've grown to love in the last year or so is photography (what? you haven't noticed?!). i'm really considering (a) purchasing a good camera (matt wants a banjo, so i can have a nice camera, right?) and (b) taking photography classes sometime in the next year. my experience in denmark really sealed this desire as not only real and alive but an attainable goal i'm willing to work hard for. and similarily, i've started following many, many photography blogs that have filled me with inspiration. here's just a few:

camilla binks, who did our wedding photos. i love her whispy and rembrandtian photos, and the deep story all of her pictures tell.
kelli nicole. her subjects captivate me, whether it be a new baby or the trevi fountain.
ashley thalman. her photographs alway leave me breathless. i often sense a bit of mystery in her photos that leaves me wanting to know more.
peace and pandemonium. i find her photographs incredibly atmospheric and full of energy. i am in love with the particular set of photos i linked to. she has the amazing ability to truly capture of the spirit of her subjects, and i think this shoot takes the cake.

i felt so alive trying to capture perfect image after not-so-perfect image in denmark, and i have a lot of photographers to thank for inspiring me to think outside of the box, to explore, to lay down in the middle of the street, and to truly feel connected with what i was photographing. i can sense all of this and more in their work.
aarhus, denmark, by me

and one last note on being more "creative": i really do want to learn (one day) how to sew and make...stuff. i found this wonderful blog called grosgrain that i find fabulous. this incredible woman makes the most wonderful pieces of clothing, usually without patterns, and while i feel inspired, i also think often to myself that i could never do what she does. look at this wonderful shirt tutorial! sounds easy enough, right? one day...she also has giveaways often of all of her fabulously homemade clothing, including these skirts. she's also having a giveaway for a shabby apple dress. i love their manhattan line. one day i'll own one of their fabulous dresses. (or try to make one!) one day...
image source here


  1. nama! your pecan muffins from last year were the most creative and most delicious muffins I have ever made. You are inspiring. love you!

  2. Love that Grosgrain blog!! I'm totally going to make a day...soon......maybe when I've finished my other projects....

  3. Nama! Thanks for the mention, really. Thank you.
    Oh and about the cliffs of insanity. I want to go to there!

  4. I love Grosgrain too! And I'm totally falling in love with domesticity. Who knew? Too bad we don't live closer or we could swap recipes and sew together! Ha ha! That sounds soooo crazy.

  5. I have been really into photography lately, too - thanks for turning me onto some great blogs!