Monday, May 11, 2009

cathair na gaillimhe & ros an mhil

[i just realized that, since we're leaving for denmark in 3 days (!), i really should finish our irish journey before we embark. so get ready for 3 straight days of ireland!]

out next stop was the city of galway on the west coast. think jagged cliffs, not sandy beaches. and cold, rainy weather, not sunshine.

i only took a handful of pictures in galway. i guess it didn't impress me as much as other towns.

and since we planned on spending 2 nights in galway, we decided to ferry out to one of the aran islands on our second day. we had to get up early and drive to rossaveal, a tiny port town in galway bay, an hour or so outside of the city to catch the ferry to our destination, inishmaan.

i previously mentioned that i was constantly taking pictures from inside the car as we drove. seeing the irish countryside was spectacular. however, as you can see, i occasionally snapped a picture or two with the side mirror in the foreground. i loved this picture, however.

as you have probably noticed, the sky that day was incredibly blue. every day we were in ireland, it rained, and as you can tell from my previous pictures, it was cloudy, as well. i actually read that the western coast of ireland was known for its continuously rainy days, and that the sun and brilliant blue skies were quite the rarity. how incredibly lucky we were to have the skies clear that day!

this was taken from the ferry in our way to inishmaan. it was so bright that i just starting pointing my camera and clicking. some pretty amazing shots transpired...

despite being quite cold, i thoroughly enjoyed the ferry ride. it reminded me of the handful of ferries i road in italy to a few of the islands out past the bay of naples. the colors of the water, the sky, and the clouds were just amazing.

inishmaan definitely deserves its own post, so for now, here's a teaser.

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