Thursday, May 07, 2009

ath dara, contae luimnigh

one of the reasons we wanted to drive through ireland was to really get a chance to see the country.

it was so incredible to drive through these little towns and villages and get a small glimpse of irish life.

one town we drove through seemed oh-so-quaint and too idyllic to miss, so we stopped around lunch time to explore the villege of adare in county limerick.

there was a row of brightly colored thatched-roof houses along the street that were irresistible....i left really wanting to live in one.

we ended up eating lunch in one of the houses that had been converted into a restaurant. i believe it was called the blue door cafe.

adare also had, as most irish towns do, a cool, old church. and, as you have seen, we are all about cool, old churches.

this is the adare trinitarian monastery, founded in 1230. there really is nothing like a very old stone building. the smell, the lighting, the's something to experience.

adare was a quick stop, and within a couple of hours, we were back on the road to galway. what a wonderful way to travel.


  1. Beautiful, yes, but did you know that ivy on brick facades is really bad for buildings. I think Ireland, nay, the world needs a public information campaign.