Tuesday, May 26, 2009

aillte an mhothair & dubh linn

remember 2 weeks ago when i promised i would have the rest of my ireland pictures up before we left for denmark?

well...i had to...get ready to go to denmark. and i didn't do it. so, there.

unfortunately, i would perhaps give you all a slice of denmark at the end, but alas, i am still going through all of my pictures. be on the look out, though, for denmark pictures and posts in the coming weeks.

but for now, back to ireland!

on our last full day in ireland, we awoke early in galway and began a long drive to the the cliffs of moher & then on to dublin. the picture above is one of my favorites. (how many times have i said that now? i really mean it this time, though...) i took this shot from inside the car at this intersection. i believe we turned left and headed for lisdoonvarna.

and now, i give you...the cliffs...of insanity!!

the cliffs of moher are, indeed, insane, and were used in the princess bride because of their insanity.

the cliffs were quite toursity, but i'm ultimately glad we made the drive. they had an austere presence that was quite impressive.

i saw these sheep near the edge of the cliff and wondered if lemming-like situations ever arose where one sheep would panic and start sprinting toward the edge of the cliff causing the rest of the herd to follow suit. yes, i'm morbid.

the surrounding countryside was quite breathtaking, too. and all of the touristy places at the cliffs were built into the hills shire-style.

when we left, we figured we had a 3 hour drive to dublin where we would spend our last night. ireland traffic/small roads, however, had other plans, and we ended up spending a good 4 to 5 hours on the road. at least i had my camera out.

we reached dublin with, unfortunately, only a few hours to spare. we really wished we had spent more time, but due to the expectantly long day of driving plus a bit of poor and unorganized planning on our end, we didn't see much of the city.

more cool doors. and a castle. dublin castle to be exact. we didn't find it all that impressive.

although, perhaps our sense of awesomeness had been tainted by all of the frustrating traffic, accidents, and detours that had brought us into dublin. quite possible. the castle did have a cool door with heads poking our of the side.

trinity college was also a site we stopped to see. we also found out as we entered the college grounds that they were playing waiting for godot at their theater.

we were quite tempted to go, but the combination of hunger and the fact that we didn't have much time to spend in dublin caused us leave trinity shortly after we arrived.

and here, finally, is our little car that got us through ireland. we really came to love that car, and it was definitely good to us. needless to say, we absolutely loved the time we spent in ireland, and it was actually painful to leave it. wherever we end up traveling in the future, ireland is definitely on the docket to be visited again.


  1. I think that I am perhaps more morbid than you. Seeing the picture with the people on top of that insane cliff made me wonder how many people have choosen that as their place of suicide....

  2. This is the third blog in my google reader this week featuring the cliffs of insanity. Why is EVERYONE in Ireland but me ):

    I think that sign one is my favorite too. Well, it's tied with the one a couple posts back that was that stone water trough thing reflecting the sky. Also stellar.

    Next: DENMARK!?!?!