Monday, April 06, 2009

irish stories

as we've been planning our trip to denmark for the past few weeks, i've found myself missing ireland, looking through all of my photos, and wanting so much to go back. and then i realized that i had never really blogged about our honeymoon trip to ireland! and if nothing for the sake of fading memories, i want to share some of my favorite pictures and stories from each of the little places and towns we visited.

that being said...i give you...graiguenamanagh! that's gregg-new-mah-nah.

we flew into the dublin airport, picked up our rental car, and immediately left for county kilkenny for our first night, and i almost immediately starting taking pictures along the way while matt drove. i always had my camera out in the car, fearing i'd miss some beautiful shot and while a lot of these pictures didn't turn out super great, a few did:

so many cows and fields of green. i don't think there was a better way to travel through ireland. now, back to driving: we were severely jet lagged and yet extremely buzzing with excitement, and after driving down small, winding irish roads, we found our b&b:

this was by far the best little b&b we stayed in, mostly because of it's gorgeous location and homey feeling. the first photo was the view from the b&b. it was perfect in its irish countrysideness. we were completely speechless and in awe of all the beauty surrounding us in this little town.

we went and wandered the town center, which was incredibly small, but was a wonderful first taste of a truly irish town.

there was a river running through the middle of the town and all of these brightly colored boats tied to the small dock.

it was a wonderful, little irish town with, funny enough, a chinese restaurant where we ate dinner. and we got our first taste of how the irish love bold colors everywhere. doors, boats, windowsills...everything's is bold and saturated with color, and i loved it on all of the old, stone buildings.

when we got back to our b&b, we crashed and awoke early the next morning to get a head start on a very busy, travel-heavy day, but not before taking a picture of the brown water:

and that was graiguenamanagh in county kilkenny.


  1. I love the cow picture. So pretty. And I'm so glad the water here is clear. I couldn't do the brown water thing.

    PS. How do you say that town's name?

  2. That makes me want to return to the land of my ancestor. That's right I have one Irish ancestor. These pictures are great.