Monday, April 13, 2009

on kilkenny and traveling

continuing on our ireland journey, we left graigeunamanagh the morning after we arrived and drove to the small irish city of kilkenny.

we really enjoyed our time in this city and loved its feeling of normalcy.

one of the reasons i love to travel to other parts of the world is to actually see the people who call this place home. to us, it's an incredible place with so much beauty and antiquity. but to them, it's home, and seeing these people wandering the winding streets of kilkenny as their daily routine made me feel connected in a way that i think you can only feel in a quaint town without hoards of tourists running around.

while traveling by its nature includes doing touristy things, i think you're missing out on a whole different depth of traveling if you don't try to connect with the country by fully engrossing yourself in it's culture, people, etc. and letting it become a part of you. i think that's what meant by the phrase "being bit by the travel bug." it refers to a very real part of you that is changed because of where you have been and what you have experienced by being in a different area of the world, surrounded by its people, and both forcibly and voluntarily entrenched in its culture. i think that's why i miss both ireland and italy so much...not only was i changed, but a part of me was left there and will always remain.

back to kilkenny, i also, again, found myself falling in love with the bold, saturated colors of the buildings and homes that seem to be the norm to the irish.

whenever i have a home to call my own, i will surely take color inspiration from what i saw in ireland.

coming tomorrow: the sites of kilkenny, including the highlight of our trip.

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  1. You know when I saw that first picture of the red door, I thought, "yeah, I want a red door on my house." But then I saw the yellow door and I think I like it better.