Tuesday, April 21, 2009

cill airne

continuing on our irish journey, we left kilkenny in the afternoon and drove straight for killarney in county kerry.

looking back, i wished we would have made a detour and stopped in cork, but unfortunately, we didn't know how lame killarney would be until we arrived...

it wasn't bad...it was just nothing but a tourist town. i don't even have any pictures to show for it. our guidebook said that this little city became a ghost town during the "off" season (winter), which speaks of its uber-touristyness. we wandered around the town that night, found some food, tried to find some music, and just weren't that impressed. it was bustling with life, but it was sadly not "irish" life. it was that of tourists and vacationers looking for the mcdonalds and the gap...

the one funny story from killarney is our search for an alarm clock. we usually rely on our cell phones for the time, and we figured our b&bs would have working alarm clocks. not only did we not think about our cell phones becoming useless in ireland, but also, no working alarm clocks were to be found in our rooms. so, we decided to scour the town in search of some sort of clock with an alarm on it. we were happy to find a 2 euro store (much like a 1 dollar store...) and found a simple, small alarm clock that would do the trick. but we also needed batteries...which were not available at the 2 euro store...so, we did some more wandering, and finally found a small pack at a convenience-like store for 6 or 7 euro...more than twice what we paid for the dang clock to begin with...but, that clock definitely was put to good use for the rest of our week in ireland, and it will come along to denmark with us, as well.

enough stories...onto killarney national park.

we visited this park the next morning and enjoyed the part of ireland that reminded matt of the northwest...lots of huge trees, rain and mist, and even mountains.

leading into the park was muckross house, this huge english-like estate that looked like it came out of a jane austen novel. i want to go to there...

the main "attraction" to see at the park was torc waterfall. the closer we got to the waterfall, the more mossy and jungle-like the forest became.

and the river flowing from the waterfall was a beautifully rich amber color.

the waterfall itself wasn't too impressive, but we were able to hike right up to it, which was a lot of fun. and wet. the water was rushing so fast.

right next to where i was standing was a ledge with water trickling downwards. sitting on this shelve of mud and rock was this lone, freshly fallen leaf speckled with water drops. i ended up taking many photos of it in an attempt to capture all of the wonderful details, but my first shot ended up being the winner and one of my favorite photos.

killarney national park was a great part of ireland to experience. i think i enjoyed it more than matt, who thought it was a bit boring and not all that exciting, but that's just because he's wrong. :)


  1. Wow. LOVE that leaf picture. Maybe you do need to get into photography.

  2. I love the leaf picture as well.

    I also love that the pics look like you've taken them into photoshop and maxed out the green. But no, Ireland really is that freaking green (:

  3. When I came from Utah to California, I though it was so green here, but Ireland, dang!