Monday, April 27, 2009

a break from ireland

a few things...

matt & i have seen two great movies in the past few weeks, and i wanted to spread the awesomeness...

first, we rented once, which was quite simply breathtaking. i'm not a huge fan of "indie"music or movies that tend to fall into this trendy, "cool" stuff-white-people-like category. i always feel like those who love "indie" stuff love it for the "indieness" of it, and not it's actual artistic merit. therefore, some "indie" music and moves aren't, in reality, all that great, but they still seem to get attention from all the "cool" kids who love indie just for the sake of loving something that's not "trendy" or "popular" even though that is exactly what is has become.

stepping off soapbox

and despite all of that, i absolutely fell in love with
. not only was it this amazing little story between a nameless guy and girl in dublin, but the passion of both the characters and the music was palpable. i've had a few songs from the move stuck in my head now for weeks, and they won't seem to leave me...but i really don't want them to go. i just love them that much. 

so, if you can get over the irish's occasional acerbic tongue, rent it. watch it. now. it will change your life...maybe. 

on a second movie note, we rented slumdog millionaire this past weekend. my feelings still aren't completely settled on this one. i did really like it as a story and how it was quite brilliantly filmed, but, like most foreign films, i found it both jarring and confusing at times. there were many instances where matt & i would have to discuss and try to figure out what exactly was going on during the movie only to have the meaning revealed later to us. this isn't necessarily a criticism of the movie, as this has been my experience with foreign films, but i think i just need to watch it again now that i know what to expect. 

while i was reading another blogger's review of slumdog millionaire a few months ago, she (a) didn't know it was rated 'r' in america when her and her husband watched it and (b) was utterly confused about it's rating after she found out. i believe i can second her confusion for the most part. when i thought of the common features of a rated 'r' movie, i couldn't help but notice that none of those were present in the film. so, what gives? well, for what it's worth, we decided that the only scenes in the movie that could possibly deserve the hard rating were the torture, i say that, and most might think of something graphic, impossible to watch, and utterly bone-chilling...but that was simply (and perhaps unbelievably) not the case. while there weren't necessary easy to watch, i didn't find them to be very graphic at all and perhaps only a bit disturbing. and that's coming from somebody who studied genocide hard core for 6 weeks in an anthropology class in college.

that being said, i have no qualms recommending this movie to anyone curious about it but being held back by it's 'r' rating. same goes for once

on a completely different note, remember gary? apparently, he isn't the only one who (a) wants to buy our car and (b) doesn't find any shame in leaving a note to that effect on our car...

we found a second and similar note on our car saturday afternoon...

"i would like to buy your car. please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx"

we're really not sure what to think this a joke? or is our 22 year old toyota
 in high demand? 


  1. TWO notes?!?!

    I've just Googled the Antiques Road Show 2009 Tour dates. Closest Cities are Denver and Phoenix.

    Now I'm researching costs for airfreighting automobiles. Wouldn't want to DRIVE down the price... (Ha ha. Drive.)

  2. 1. I want to see Once. 2. I'm going to watch Slumdog Millionaire in mere moments so I'll let you know how I feel later. 3. I still want to see your hair. 4. Those car notes are a scam. It happens here, too. 5. I heart your face.

  3. I think the car thing is Houstons version of the Nigerian guy who needs to transfer millions and wants to borrow your account # for a small reward.