Thursday, March 26, 2009

[not] for sale

a couple of weeks ago, matt & i were out celebrating a friend's birthday in the local hot & trendy spot of houston, rice village. when we walked back to our car parked on the street, matt noticed an index card on the windshield. it read:

"i would like to buy your car. call gary at xxx-xxx-xxxx"

we laughed, kept the note in our car, and about a week later while getting lost in the neighborhoods around our apartment complex, we came across a street of little, quaint houses that were perfectly cute. we wanted one. so, why not leave a note?

"we would like to buy your house. call nama & matt at xxx-xxx-xxxx"

we really didn't leave that note...but would it have been so bad if we had? 


  1. I think a note would have been a good idea. Planted the seed, you know.

  2. Maybe stick a twenty with the note. That will get em goin...

  3. I am just amazed that someone would want to buy your car!! I guess it has become a collectors item?