Monday, March 09, 2009

i want to go to there

i've been hit!

ruth tagged me last week in a fun photo tag: 
1. go to your photos file
2. go to your sixth file
3. go to your sixth picture

this was taken in galway, ireland last august. it was our second day there, and we spent the night wandering the city in search of food and good pub music. sadly, we only found the food. but we did wander this area of the city right on the coast admiring the beautiful and boldy colored houses/building, the dozens of boats tied to piers (man-made or otherwise), birds and ducks, and the rushing atlantic waters. 


  1. Pretty picture. Thanks for playing. When we all live in Logan, we should paint our houses (we'll have to have more than one for it to look this good) bright yellow, blue, orange or red.