Tuesday, March 31, 2009

domestic imp

some of you have noted that you're impressed with my cooking skills since i've gotten married. and while that's been quite the jump for me toward domesticity, i can't claim that i am any better than most.

why? well...cooking is one thing. but what about sewing? and quilt making? and "crafting?" i do none of these things. i know some who do, and i am to the brim with jealousy that i can't make cute quilts or crochet slippers or beautifully decorate my home or make an ugly, shapeless dress into this (isn't this dress dang cute! you can win it, and so can i!). i don't have those skills. seriously, i can barely sew buttons back on. 

and so i find myself at an impasse today when i decided to wear my new cute walking shorts to work only to find that there are a titch too short...and my first instinct is to (a) return them, followed by (b) the thought that this is not that hard to fix, and finally (c) "i don't sew or hem or do anything even remotely related...crap." reason enough to believe that my life would be so much easier (and possibly more creative [or at least experimental]) if i had "homemaking" skills. 

so...i know now what i have to do...anybody know the number for a good tailor in houston? 


  1. You don't need those skills, you've got other skillz. I don't know any good tailors in Houston, good luck with that!

  2. You should wear the shorts and maybe a good tailor will put a note on them with his number.

  3. I like Erika's idea. I think it might work, maybe if you're walking down that same street...

    I'm flattered that you put a link to my quilt next to links for real creative people :)

  4. Have you not discovered iron on hemming tape?--no sewing required, and if you cannot iron, I know Matt can. Good luck.