Tuesday, March 31, 2009

domestic imp

some of you have noted that you're impressed with my cooking skills since i've gotten married. and while that's been quite the jump for me toward domesticity, i can't claim that i am any better than most.

why? well...cooking is one thing. but what about sewing? and quilt making? and "crafting?" i do none of these things. i know some who do, and i am to the brim with jealousy that i can't make cute quilts or crochet slippers or beautifully decorate my home or make an ugly, shapeless dress into this (isn't this dress dang cute! you can win it, and so can i!). i don't have those skills. seriously, i can barely sew buttons back on. 

and so i find myself at an impasse today when i decided to wear my new cute walking shorts to work only to find that there are a titch too short...and my first instinct is to (a) return them, followed by (b) the thought that this is not that hard to fix, and finally (c) "i don't sew or hem or do anything even remotely related...crap." reason enough to believe that my life would be so much easier (and possibly more creative [or at least experimental]) if i had "homemaking" skills. 

so...i know now what i have to do...anybody know the number for a good tailor in houston? 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

[not] for sale

a couple of weeks ago, matt & i were out celebrating a friend's birthday in the local hot & trendy spot of houston, rice village. when we walked back to our car parked on the street, matt noticed an index card on the windshield. it read:

"i would like to buy your car. call gary at xxx-xxx-xxxx"

we laughed, kept the note in our car, and about a week later while getting lost in the neighborhoods around our apartment complex, we came across a street of little, quaint houses that were perfectly cute. we wanted one. so, why not leave a note?

"we would like to buy your house. call nama & matt at xxx-xxx-xxxx"

we really didn't leave that note...but would it have been so bad if we had? 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

something smells rotten...

do you know where this is?

i'm going there in may. 


Monday, March 09, 2009

i want to go to there

i've been hit!

ruth tagged me last week in a fun photo tag: 
1. go to your photos file
2. go to your sixth file
3. go to your sixth picture

this was taken in galway, ireland last august. it was our second day there, and we spent the night wandering the city in search of food and good pub music. sadly, we only found the food. but we did wander this area of the city right on the coast admiring the beautiful and boldy colored houses/building, the dozens of boats tied to piers (man-made or otherwise), birds and ducks, and the rushing atlantic waters. 

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

a good pair of genes

we all know that i'm a huge klutz. (if you are unaware/unconvinced, see here, here, here, and here.) while leading to many injuries, big and small, this fact has, nonetheless, made my life kind of exciting. or painful. whatever.

last week, as i was getting out of bed to hit the snooze button, i bashed my knee directly into the corner of the bed frame...yet another adventure and injury due to my inability to avoid walking into objects. like door frames. or matt. 

as i was, once again, pondering my clumsiness, i thought about the biological basis for my problem, and came up with the different categorical genes we are all either blessed with or missing entirely and the consequences my progeny might have based on my own & matt's genes:

first, there is the hand-eye coordination gene. this allows one to play sports in a respectable manner and, in general, catch/throw things without looking like a fool. this gene has entirely passed me up. on the other hand, it stopped by matt's DNA and had a party.

next is the dancing/yoga/graceful gene, which makes an appearance when one dances or does yoga or, generally, does anything artful with one's body. i was fortunate to be blessed with this gene. however, if you've ever seen matt try to dance...well, just consider yourself lucky. 

and last, the essential and simplest of the three, the general coordination gene. having this gene means that you can successfully do such simple activities as walking, running, and generally moving around without falling down or hurting yourself. as i have well established, this gene is nowhere to be found in my genome. i know it seems contradictory with the last gene i have, but believe me, it's possible. good ole' matt though is blessed immensely with this gene.

so, what does this mean for our progeny?

best case scenario: all genes take root into their DNA. awesome. 

worst case scenario: none of these genes make their way into their DNA. and they'll simply be awkward forever. tragic.

let us hope for the best. and that one day, i don't die. and if i do, just blame my genes.