Tuesday, February 17, 2009

where's hitler? and when did we get to germany?

somedays, i'm not sure what to make of the weather here in houston. it's still winter, right? the time of year is right, and yet...

a couple of weeks ago, i was running an errand on campus when i looked to my right and saw 3 beautiful trees in full bloom. 

spring time.

i then looked down and saw fall-colored leaves scattered on the sidewalk. above me was another tree, finally deciding it was time to shed it's leaves. 


while the confusing array of seasons settles in here, i guess i should be grateful, knowing that if i were still in utah, i'd seriously be dying and hating snow and the cold and wanting just a hint of spring just to see me through the next few months until real spring/summer arrived and i wasn't cold anymore.

question: am i doomed to always live in cities, states, places where the seasons are either in the extreme (i can't tell you how much i'm dreading summer when it sets in probably around april and lasts until october, maybe november...) or barely existent/indiscernible? or is this really how the world/weather is everywhere?


in running news, i successfully worked my way up to running a full mile! without stopping! but then...i hurt my knee. (strained my MCL to be exact, which, according to some "medical" website i googled, is a ligament that's rarely injured...yeah, right. unless you're me and have the grace of a platypus.) and i took a week off to let it heal, and now i'm due for a run today. and i'm really hoping i didn't lose my steam. here's to hoping.


in cooking news, i've fallen in love with rachael ray. i don't care how cheesy and bright and cheery she is. she makes delicious meals, including this one: chicken fajita tortilla soup. i've gotten in the habit of coming home from work and watching "30-minute meals", and i just love her! yesterday, i watched her make this delicious chicken sausage, onion, and pepper fake-bake that i seriously want to try soon. 

in conclusion, i want to own her cookbooks now. and have her in my kitchen to teach me how to make delicious meals in 30 minutes (i'm such a slow cooker...the soup took me nearly an hour to make.)  and also, you should make this soup. it's comfort food with a capital 'C', and pretty dang healthy to boot. at least compared to a half gallon of blue bell ice cream. 

*recipe note: when i watched her make the chicken fajita tortilla soup, she added a teaspoon of cumin, which isn't on the online recipe for some reason. don't leave it out!


  1. That Chicken Fajita soup is delicious. I'm planning on making it soon. Today, I'm planning on making those Orange Snickerdoodles :) Very excited for that...

    Good luck with your run (and your knee).

  2. What does hitler have to do with anything?

  3. "it's spring time, for hitler and germany!"

  4. It's winter for Paris and France.

    Our leaves are still deciding if they're going to fall off. And I'm pretty sure that rose bushes aren't supposed to bloom in February. People wonder why I'm always confused about what month it is. Duh! It's the trees' fault!!!

  5. I like your new blog title. I like the title of this blog. I like that I GOT the title of this blog. I LOVED those snickerdoodles.

  6. Thanks so much for entering to win one of my Temple Prints. Best of luck to you!!