Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the [real] simple life

you know you've gotten old/boring/married when you look forward to the following "events":

- saturday costco trip
- ordering a papa john's pizza this weekend and watching a rented movie
- watching rachael ray's "30 minute meals" when i get home from work
- matt making dinner tomorrow night (not to imply that he never helps me out when i make dinner and/or doesn't cook, but since i'll be occupied until nearly 8 tomorrow night, he's taking the cooking reigns for the evening.)
- making cinnamon and/or orange rolls from scratch...and consuming them all rather quickly.
- going to the zoo with a friend and her children. i just love primates. 
- getting to bed before 10 p.m.

serious excitement is experienced when i think about all of these things. even after the fact. 

and not to make my new life seem all wah-wah-waaaah, because excitement is excitement, right? there are so many moments of my day that i just cherish and relish in. and sometimes, they seem so simple, so mundane, but who doesn't love costco, seriously? who among us, in the crazy, busy, complicated world we now live in, cannot appreciate the simple tasks of life? the beautiful and short moments of our day that remind us of what's truly important? 

i thought about this last night when i was falling asleep, and matt came in, laid down next to me, held me tight, and whispered, "i love you." 

even though life can feel so difficult and full of schedules and routines, taking in those moments of bliss and simplicity is priceless. while there are many things about my life that i wish were better or easier or different, these small "events" that make up my everyday life make all the difficulties seem endurable and sometimes flat out enjoyable. of all the wishes i could make, some of the most important ones are for more moments of pure excitement and joy like this. more laughter fits late at night, more conversations with good friends, more acts of kindness, more lazy days spent consuming freshly made cinnamon rolls. more simple joys. 


  1. I love this blog. Just last night as I was running from one thing to another to another I paused in my dash between the front door and my car and took a deep breath and felt so inexplicably happy and excited I almost couldn't hold it in. I love those moments. And Costco.

  2. I'm glad that going to the Zoo with me and the girls counts as an event :) Great post.

  3. Good post. By the way, when you said you liked primates, were you referring to the ones at the zoo or your friends children?

  4. Wow! Great post! I think I am going to mention it in my sidebar, if you don't mind.