Thursday, December 18, 2008

"hush, hush, peacefully now He slumbers"

it's almost christmas, and i keep wishing this season could last longer. it's such a magical time of year, full of goodness, cheer, and love. the christmas spirit is catching and inspiring, and not one of us immune.

matt & i spent a friday evening a few weeks ago buying christmas decorations for our apartment, including a real tree! we steered away from pine, since i'm allergic, but it turns out i'm allergic to whatever kind of fir tree we ended up purchasing. sniffle sniffle but who cares! it's christmas!we were quite proud of our design concept: bronze, gold, and chocolate colored ornaments, cinnamon-scented pine cones, and sprigs of red berries. it smells so wonderful in our apartment now, and we couldn't be happier!christmas music also fills out apartment these days, and matt has introduced me to the sufjan stevens' christmas albums, which i've fallen in love with. he does their wonderfully minimalistic versions of classic christmas songs that are filled with peace and this sense of wintery reverence. he even does a simple yet lovely rendition of "come thou fount of every blessing":

i've discovered songs i'd never heard before that he covers, including "lo how a rose e'er blooming" and "bring a torch, jeanette isabella". my favorite, however, is "the friendly beasts," which neither of us have heard elsewhere: 

"Jesus our brother, strong and good"...isn't that wonderful? if i could post mp3s on my blog, i'd totally be inundating you with a sufjan christmas, but alas, blogger has failed me. 

in other christmas news, the weather here has been up and down for the last week, reminding us that, yes, virginia, there is a winter in houston. or...somewhat of a winter. the snow last week was an incredibly surprise, and last night, we went & saw "the nutcracker" performed by the houston ballet, and as we left the theater and walked the few blocks to our car, it felt delightfully christmasy. it was chilly (but not too cold) and a dense fog was settling in, and matt remarked how it really felt like christmas. :) and hopefully, as we head north for christmas, we'll experience some downright, blistery cold and snow that wisconsin has to offer us. 

although it's been said many times, many ways
merry christmas to you

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

what the utah?

it's 31 degrees right now...

and it's starting to snow/sleet...

in houston!

merry christmas, indeed. :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"have yourself a merry [and warm] little christmas"

it's officially the christmas season, and i couldn't be happier! well...actually i could be. we haven't decorated our apartment yet AND it's currently 67 degrees outside. but i did christmasify my computer this morning with everything from frank sinatra to motab to sufjan stevens. i just love christmas music! it's probably my favorite part of the season.

and speaking of "the season," (deep i go), i actually miss utah's coldness right now. matt & i and my parents spent thanksgiving in lubbock with my sister and her family, and when we were running around town all bundled up, it really felt like christmas. even in dallas it was cold enough to wear my new wool coat i bought on black friday (seriously, i love it). matt & i revelled in the coldness last week, really feeling like it was christmas. and now we're back in the tropics. and it just feels like...houston. bleh. i never, ever, ever thought i'd say/admit to this, but right now (at least), i do really miss utah and its winter and its beautiful snow. sigh i guess i just want it to feel like christmas around here. i feel like all i have sufjan stevens singing to me from my speakers to assure me that, yes, it's really christmas, nama. 

now i can't wait to deck our apartment out with christmas joy. matt's seriously like a 5-year-old around christmas, which is enchanting. i don't think i know of anybody else who loves christmas as much as he does. he just makes me want to wear flannel pjs, wrap myself in a blanket, watch it snow outside, and sip hot chocolate. without a care in the world...