Wednesday, November 19, 2008


since life's kind of boring (and filled with the sickness lately), and i have nothing to blog about, i guess i should do the few tags i've been...tagged? 


first, ruth's q&a about matt & i:

1. how long did you date before you got married? about 2 years. that's 8 times longer than the average provo couple. 

2. how long have you been married? almost 4 months now. my how time flies!

3. what does he do that surprises you? the compassion that he shows me at random times, like when i'm sick or just need a hug.

4. what is his best feature? his eyes and lips...and pretty much his whole face. he's a keeper!

5. what is his best quality? his honesty that he has with himself and others. and his deep and passionate artistic side.

6. does he have a nickname for you? he'll hold his hand up to his mouth and "talk" like it's me, and he calls his "wifey voice." i think that's the closest thing to a nickname he has for me. wifey. 

7. what is his favorite color? shoot...i really don't blue? green? something along those lines...

8. what is his favorite animal? uhhh...why do i feel like i'm on a newlywed game? i would say dogs. and labs to be more exact. 

9. what is his favorite food? matt will eat just about anything. but if i have to narrow it down, i'd say pizza, specifically of the papa john's variety.

10. what is his favorite sport? matt's not really a sports guy, but he does really like to watch world championship poker. 

11. when and where did you first kiss? sometime in june of 2006 in my apartment after matt came home from a school trip in maryland. 

12. favorite thing to do as a couple? we're pretty chill people, and we will often on a weekend night get a pizza from papa john's and watch a movie. lately, we've been watching discs of "the office," which we have a lot of fun with. 

13. do you have any children? come on, we've only been married for (not even) 4 months! and no, i'm not pregnant, either. 

14. does he have a hidden talent? matt has quite the artistic side to him that you may not think exists given his field. but he's a wonderful musician with an incredible ear. he plays his cello and bass a lot at home and shares his talent with the neighbors.  

15. how old is he? 26. 

16. who said 'i love you' first? i think i did? but he didn't say it back...and i don't think it was said again until he said it to me.

17. what is his favorite music? he loves classical music and blue grass. and a lot of stuff in between, but those two are high on his list.

18. what do you admire the most? i admire his passion, which he shows in nearly every aspect of his life. 

19. do you think he will read this? yes, he does read my blogs. maybe he should blog, too...

now tagging time...well, since this can only be limited to married people (yes, i'm prejudice), i tag erika, jon, rachel, & alaina

and now, nessa's tag: my quirks.

here are the rules:

1. link the person who tagged you. see above
2. mention the rules on your blog. in progress...
3. tell about six quirks you have only 6! so many to choose from...
4. tag six fellow bloggers to do the same.
5. leave a comment to let them know.

quirk #1
i have many ocd tenancies, including where things go (in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc) and where they go in the room they go into. my closet is colored coded, and i have the same exact morning and night routine that i've done...for just about ever. having to adjust to living with someone has been...interesting. but matt is oh so forgiving, and i've trying to let go of some of my ocd ways. 

quirk #2
i love, love, love looking at wedding photos. i could spend hours looking at people's wedding pictures on facebook; people i know, people i don't know, anybody, really. i also have several photography blogs i check for wedding pictures (and just wonderful photography, too). here are a few of my favorites: three winks studio, camilla photography (she did our wedding pictures), blue lily photography, and kelli nicole photography. i swear i'm not a stalker. i just like pretty photos. of people. who i don't know. getting married

quirk #3
i really love to cook! i know this quirk has been recently seen on my blog, but i really do! i think getting married and having another mouth to feed has really brought out that passion inside of me. and also, to give him credit, it really helps having a husband who enjoys cooking, too, and gets just as exciting as i do sometimes about making something new. perhaps this quirk explains why i've gained some weight since i've gotten married, too....

quirk #4
i love to organize and do fairly boring and mind numbing tasks. for example, when i worked at a book store, there was this large section of books in the children's book area that would commonly and fairly often get very disorganized. this section included the pop-up books, books made to look like cars, books with buttons on them that talk/sing, etc. and all of these books were different sizes, which made them hard to shelf and keep organized. and all of this pretty much meant that the entire section needed reorganizing every few months. here's where i come in...they would schedule me to come in a few hours before opening on a given day so that i could take EVERY book of the shelf, reorganize the books, and put EVERY book back on the shelf. some might find this task maddening (most did, in fact), but not me. i relished in this task. and pretty much any task or activity that is repetitive, tedious, and detailed, i'm the girl to get her done.

quirk #5
i hate leaving voicemails. i always feel so awkward and fake. and like i'm talking to myself. which i am. but i'm suppose to act like i'm talking to this person. who isn't there. and who can't talk back to me. so i'm talking to a machine instead so that it can record my one-sided conversation for the person i pretended to talk to. yeah, awkward. 

quirk #6
i have never been able to sleep in socks, even in the dead of a utah winter. my feet always get hot during the night, and usually when i wake up, they're hanging out from under the comforter. 

wow that was a boring last quirk. i apologize and blame the yoga i did at lunch this afternoon that has relaxed me to the point of sleepiness.

and now i'm going to tag the following peeps: ruth, hacksaw, murgs, ann-marie, jon (now you really have to do it)...and any body else who wants to do it. just go ahead.

now, a post wouldn't be a post these days without a recipe, right? then let me introduce you to rosemary peasant bread from make and takes (see sidebar). matt and i fell in love with this bread, and it's super easy to make. it was just like the bread you overfeed on at macaroni grill, and with some olive oil & vinegar, it was perfect. and so delicious! try it. you won't be sorry.


  1. Man! This is getting way too hard to avoid . . .

  2. Golden Retrievers--not Labs--you are forgive since you have never met Jack and Rocky. I hope you like dogs too you you might be miserable here.


  3. You're so funny! When I am all better I will post...maybe ;)

  4. I'll do the husband one this weekend probably. Or monday. I"ll do it though.
    My feet get super hot too. I poke them out of the blankets. I can't sleep in socks or with the sheets all tucked in.