Monday, September 29, 2008

i (dis)like ike

so after about 6 lovely (and humid) (and hot) weeks in houston, we got our first (and probably worst) hurricane experience. talk about timing. prior to the hurricane, we asked several houstonians about the occurance of hurricanes and how bad they were. everyone reassured us that hurricanes rarely hit houston straight on, and usually all we got were some pretty spectacular thunderstorms.

well...we all know how this story ends (or continues). hurricane ike blew straight through houston about 2 weeks ago. first, i'll start out by saying that matt & i were extremely blessed. we live fairly far inland, so the devestating storm surges that happened on the coast did not affect us. while our area did experience category 1 to 2 strength winds, only minor damage was done. and we were only without electricity for a short period of time. we felt incredibly blessed to be safe and only minorly inconvenienced compared to others who suffered more and lost everything. please still keep those who saw catastrophic damage in your prayers.

experiencing the storm was not too bad. the day before the storm hit, matt & i asked several people what to do, if we should be worried, etc. the advice we got was to just be prepared and we should be fine. obviously, the storm turned out worse than most expected, but we prepared with water and food and even an old school radio walkman we bought at cvs/pharmacy for $15, complete with tape player! i'm not going to lie, but we were kind of excited. we both love storms, and having lived in utah for many years, good thunderstorms are few and far between. we were actually looking foward to some pretty sweet storms. the night of, we stayed up, not wanting to sleep in case things did get bad, but by 1 a.m. or so, we were falling asleep. we decided to lay down for a bit, and hopefully wake up after a short nap. the next thing i know, howling winds that sounded like a train plowing through our walkway woke me up, and then the electricty went out. i think living in the age where there is always a light on somewhere nearby, you forget how dark darkness is. it's penetrating and quite nerve-wracking to try to walk around in without a light. we got our flashlight, our radio, and layed down for the night in the hallway (after a failed attempt of sleeping in our tiny bathroom, the only room in our apartment without windows). after the worst of the storm passed, we fell asleep nicely, and awoke to see the damage down around our area. it really wasn't bad compared to everywhere near the coast. lots of trees were down, signals out and falling/fallen from the wires, some powerlines down or dangling...all in all, minor damage is all we saw. 
this tree fell down outside of our apartment, blocking the road to get out onto the main road. lots of trees this big were uprooted all over the place. i even saw a tree larger than this that had been completely uprooted and had taken the concrete sidewalk with it when it fell onto a house. quite impressive. 

well, that's our hurricane ike experience. overall, we feel somewhat cool for having experienced a fairly major hurricane, but mostly blessed tremendously for the safety and comfort we experienced.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"here comes the story of the hurricane"

dear nama,

welcome to houston.

hugs & kisses,