Wednesday, June 25, 2008


what do you get when you throw a bunch of pot-smoking hippies, amazing bluegrass music, & expensive merchandise all together at 9,000 feet?

the telluride bluegrass festival!yep, that's where i was this past weekend. and i really can't find the words to describe it's awesomness. i think it was pretty close to a life-changing experience...and matt & i both got to meet bela fleck! and we both made him chuckle!
the town itself was absolutely beautiful, as you can see, and it sits in a 3-sided valley that's only escapeable by the road you came in on or by gondola over the mountain. your choice.
some of the highlights included seeing chris thile wickedly play some bach, basking in the awesomeness that is bela fleck during two workshops, and seeing edgar meyer play his double bass like it was nothing. it was just plain amazing. no words.
and now, you must change your life. look up these artists. trust me, you won't regret it:

  • bela fleck & edgar meyer - "music for two"
  • anything else bela fleck you can find (who knew the banjo was so cool & versitile!)
  • abagail washburn
  • the sparrow quartet, with bela fleck & abagail washburn
  • uncle earl
  • cadillac sky
  • chris thile
also watching & listening to matt play his cello in his bluegrass band is pretty life changing. he totally wasted most of his bow one night and then incredibly broke a string. but it was worth it, all in the name of bluegrass!

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  1. Matt plays bluegrass? He is even cooler that I thought he was! Wow!

    And yay for Colorado! Glad you enjoyed the festival and the scenery.