Tuesday, June 10, 2008

indiana jones & the commies, round 1

so i've been meaning to share my thoughts regarding the highly anticipated movie of the spring/summer, "white chicks 2."

no! wait...that will have to wait until next year. sigh.

but seriously, how about "indiana jones & the kingdom of the crystal skull"? it's what i've been waiting for just about all of my life...
bottom line: loved it

corny title: yes.

corny parts: yeah, unfortunately.

mixed/made up archaeological history of meso and south america: check.

classic indy sarcasm: you betcha.

great indy action scenes: awesome.

great indy action scene where he just shoots the guy: negative.

ark of the covenant shot: there, and i'm still alive to tell the tale.

people dissolving/burning/being eaten by ants: holy crap! i had no idea ants could be that aggressive!

nazis: gone.

commies: everywhere.

some lovin': who couldn't love that man?!

help from exotic creatures who know their way through the jungle: always necessary.

indy line that sums up the whole move at the end but actually doesn't make any sense when you think about it: check.

overall message: all nature hates communists.

recommendation: definitely worth your money and time, but don't bring snakes. indy hates snakes.

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  1. Yes, I loved it too. And death to the commies. What are they dabbling in psychic mysteries for anyway? What's up with ultra-magnatized crystal which will attract the light fixtures 40 feet up but leaves the commies guns from two inches away alone? No, seriously, even though this was most likely the most unrealistic movie I've ever seen, I didn't care at all. It was awesome. Monky scene notwithstanding. Cate Blanchett's fake accent notwithstanding. But I don't think I would ahve liked it as much if everything had been believable. I think it would have been ho hum.