Monday, May 12, 2008

shud blooger

so, i think i'm starting to have blood sugar issues. if i go too long without eating anything, i start to feel all crazy & shaky. and i'm struggling to know what to do! all i know is that food is good, and no food is no good. and peanut butter sandwiches make excellent snacks.

so, for the first third of my 26th year, i have been infected with the sinus infection from hell, have bruised a bone in my foot that is still healing, have had a range of colds/sinus issues since spring hit, and not my body freaks out when i don't eat.

i know people who've joked about turning 25 and officially being "old," but i sure do feel that way. my body hates being 25. and it's not missing any opportunity to tell me so.

i wonder what's in store next year? liver spots? cataracts? kidney failure? oh the possibilities...


  1. "I need a krusty burger. I'm getting the shakes! Oooooh, and the fries!"


  2. But don't worry, liver spots are attractive, in that "oh what a cute old lady, she has lived such a long and prosperous life" kind of way. Just make sure you can see over the steering wheel.