Thursday, May 01, 2008

may is for miracles

i wish the weather would calm down & warm up & stay beautiful.

i wish my foot would heal already so i could function normally.

i wish for a special miracle to finally happen in the next week or two.

i wish this doughnut i'm eating was way better.if this next month passes without any of these wishes being fulfilled, it's death by meterorite. best. wish. ever.

this moving message brought to you by my calendar.


  1. I totally hear ya on the donut. I threw mine away - ew.

    Happy May! I'm sure all your wildest dreams will come true soon - you voted for Pedro, right?

  2. Death by meteorite for you, or for someone else? 'Cause it's not manslaughter if it's an act of nature, regardless of whether or not you wished it.

  3. may is for miracles. now if i could just get some miracles in my own life! :)