Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'm verklempt!

life is hard sometimes, and, as my best friend would always tell me, when life hands you crap, make a crap sandwich.

how about making that crap into a crème brulée? that sounds way better.

i woke up this morning feeling crapped out & thinking to myself, "life's hard." and i prayed that today, instead of focusing on the stresses of life, i'd focus on my blessings, the many, many things i can be grateful for. and as i was checking my email at work this morning, i came across this story:

Limbless boy says 'anything's possible'

i read it, felt inspired, and then i watched the video and flat out cried. now if that's not making crap into crème brulée, i don't know what is. i feel realigned now, grateful, ashamed, and determined to try to turn my own crap (which, let's my honest, is absolutely nothing compared to this boy's challenges) into...well, let's start out with a subway sandwich. and i'll work my way up to crème brulée.

thanks, nick, for being my hero today.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

it's a festivus miracle!

it's thursday morning, and staff reports were done yesterday and mailed off. now i can miss out on all of the fun of having to stay at work until 7 p.m. & mailing them at the post office myself. oh, darn.

matt's parents very very kindly donated thousands of frequent flyer miles to our honeymoon cause, saving us over 2 grand on plane tickets to ireland...we're going to ireland!

despite the awful humidity, i'm actually excited about moving to houston now that we have a quaint little place to live in instead of our car.

i'm walking! mostly...but my foot still hurts...& i can't walk longer than a block or two before i limp and become slightly lame. baby steps...

the weather, well...you were so good this weekend! look at what you've done now! here's to hoping for summer to finally make it's way to utah so kat & i can fulfill our true life calling by lounging at/in the pool & having pizza delivered pool-side. not quite the miracle yet.

happy festivus for the rest of us!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

so easy, a caveman can do it...

dear friends,

i just saved 15% by switching to geico. woot.

and i'm getting married.


Monday, May 12, 2008

shud blooger

so, i think i'm starting to have blood sugar issues. if i go too long without eating anything, i start to feel all crazy & shaky. and i'm struggling to know what to do! all i know is that food is good, and no food is no good. and peanut butter sandwiches make excellent snacks.

so, for the first third of my 26th year, i have been infected with the sinus infection from hell, have bruised a bone in my foot that is still healing, have had a range of colds/sinus issues since spring hit, and not my body freaks out when i don't eat.

i know people who've joked about turning 25 and officially being "old," but i sure do feel that way. my body hates being 25. and it's not missing any opportunity to tell me so.

i wonder what's in store next year? liver spots? cataracts? kidney failure? oh the possibilities...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

may is for miracles

i wish the weather would calm down & warm up & stay beautiful.

i wish my foot would heal already so i could function normally.

i wish for a special miracle to finally happen in the next week or two.

i wish this doughnut i'm eating was way better.if this next month passes without any of these wishes being fulfilled, it's death by meterorite. best. wish. ever.

this moving message brought to you by my despair.com calendar.