Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day!

just a small reminder to myself & others that we can make a difference in this world by doing small & simple things. now, i'm not the best at this, at all. and though i like to blame some of that on the fact that i live in a city that does not promote or encourage recycling in the simplest of ways, i could still do more.

so, here's a few things i'm trying to do to make the world a better place (as cheesy as that sounds):

  • you know all of those plastic bags from grocery shopping that pile up because you don't want to throw them out & think you'll use all of them one day but you don't so you end up just throwing most of them away? macey's has a place to bring all of those unwanted bags in their stores so that they can be recycled. how great is that? no more plastic bags roaming your kitchen and all of that plastic waste gets reduced & recycled.
  • we have a paper recycle bin at work, and sometimes, i'm too lazy to get up and actually take the paper at my desk the whole 20 feet over to the blue bin; thus, the recyclable paper gets trashed under my desk. i'm going to try better (even still with the broken foot) to get up & discard of all the paper i use in this office the best way. i know on campus & i'm sure in other offices they have similar recycled papers bins. take note of them & resolve to use them.
  • i found this website in real simple (i love this magazine!) (and also don't typically get rid of them because of how much i love them, but i resolve now to make sure i recycle them when i do) called catalog choice. remember the time when you bought your dad that really awesome monogrammed brander for his steaks from williams-sonoma for christmas a couple of years ago & how now you get their catalogs in the mail (including ones from their sister-companies) & it's really annoying because you don't want to order anything from an expensive kitchen catalog & it's nice to look at but then it goes directly into the trash? well, sign up for free at catalog choice, and you can elect to stop receiving all those annoying catalogs. catalog choice will contact the seller & request for them to stop sending you their catalogs. how great is that?! now you won't receive annoying catalogs from places you've never heard of but somehow got your information & (best of all) it cuts down on waste. simple. and real.

just a few things i know i can do and everyone can do, really. (yes, that wasn't a complete sentence. and i don't care. and yes i didn't use much punctuation in my bullets & had run-on sentences. and i still don't care.) celebrate the beautiful earth we have today & everyday. take a walk, climb a tree, or whatever suits your fancy. me? well, i'm still broken...but i'll do my best to do something that i can do.


  1. Give a hoot, don't pollute. That's what I always say. And so do lots of posters and stuff.