Wednesday, March 26, 2008


the colors of the rainbow aren't so pretty on my foot. colors belong on fruit. not my skin.

i guess my foot is healing, but i can't really tell yet. still gimping around, trying to not hurt myself any further, which can be difficult.

so, today, as i gimped into my boss's office to give him something, a developer in his office, who knows me, told me my toes, that are painted red, looked pretty, but swollen. i took off the shoe on my good foot so he could see the comparison. he then remarked, "those toes are cute." "those are from hell." i couldn't have said it better myself. "we need an old priest and a young priest!"


  1. Um... don't eat the black fruit... okay?

  2. but what about the avacado? that's a fruit, right? so delicious.

  3. That's kinda what my foot looked like. But mine was really deep purple all the way around to my heel. I can totally relate. I hope it feels better soon. Put it up a lot and use ICE. Seriously. It works.