Thursday, March 20, 2008

big, heavy, metal door: 1; nama: still 0

remember how i'm a bit "accident prone" and "ungraceful" at times? remember how, sometimes, this leads to tragic moments? lack of grace got me again.

tuesday morning as i was coming into work, i opened the door to the building, and as opposed to swinging the door into open space...i swung it directly into my foot.


thankfully, nothing's broken. i just have a huge contusion on top of my foot, and my entire foot's pretty painful and swollen. notice the swollen toes. my toes are not normally that huge. i swear! my toes are tiny! my toes are cute!!

and thanks to my good friend brittani who thought it would be a great "service" idea to paint my big, fat toenails for me. also, a shout out to the crutches i'll be using for next week-ish, and the muscles, blisters, and callouses they will give me. woohoo!

now all i need is a story, a much better story than what actually happened to explain my injury. because the real story is pretty lame. and pathetic. thus far, i've come up with a few that have gone over semi-well with literally 10s of people who has seen me in the sad & injured state i presently find myself in:
  • "as you may or may not know, i'm training to be a cage fighter. and i had a little mishap during my training session tuesday morning. i'm moving into tiger-fighting, and the baby tiger i was training with got ahold of my foot. but it's all good, man!
  • "you know how some tibetan monks burn themselves alive in protest of the china's oppression of tibet? well, this is my own form of protest. free tibet!"
  • "so i was watching this show on the discovery channel last night, and i was watching the one on pain and how your body responds to it. and i decided to do a little research on my own to make sure my pain sensors, neurons, and synapses were working properly. they are."

any other better stories you can come up with?

in case you were interested, most of my foot. is blue. blue. check it out. and this photo doesn't even do it justice. i'm blue!! when will the madness end!?


  1. You were performing some pretty sweet karate moves on an evil criminal mastermind, when his henchman dropped a bowling ball on your foot.

  2. i did something similar a few weeks ago. i was pushing a full, heavy book cart and decided to back it up so my co-worker could open the door for me, unfortunately i didn't back my foot up first and sort of rammed the cart into my ankle, it's fine now, but i sure felt dumb!

  3. egads.

    dance marathon. they take a toll!!

  4. Oh my, that is the best bruise I've ever seen! Or the worst, depending on your point of view. Hmm, I'd say worst.