Wednesday, March 26, 2008


the colors of the rainbow aren't so pretty on my foot. colors belong on fruit. not my skin.

i guess my foot is healing, but i can't really tell yet. still gimping around, trying to not hurt myself any further, which can be difficult.

so, today, as i gimped into my boss's office to give him something, a developer in his office, who knows me, told me my toes, that are painted red, looked pretty, but swollen. i took off the shoe on my good foot so he could see the comparison. he then remarked, "those toes are cute." "those are from hell." i couldn't have said it better myself. "we need an old priest and a young priest!"

Thursday, March 20, 2008

big, heavy, metal door: 1; nama: still 0

remember how i'm a bit "accident prone" and "ungraceful" at times? remember how, sometimes, this leads to tragic moments? lack of grace got me again.

tuesday morning as i was coming into work, i opened the door to the building, and as opposed to swinging the door into open space...i swung it directly into my foot.


thankfully, nothing's broken. i just have a huge contusion on top of my foot, and my entire foot's pretty painful and swollen. notice the swollen toes. my toes are not normally that huge. i swear! my toes are tiny! my toes are cute!!

and thanks to my good friend brittani who thought it would be a great "service" idea to paint my big, fat toenails for me. also, a shout out to the crutches i'll be using for next week-ish, and the muscles, blisters, and callouses they will give me. woohoo!

now all i need is a story, a much better story than what actually happened to explain my injury. because the real story is pretty lame. and pathetic. thus far, i've come up with a few that have gone over semi-well with literally 10s of people who has seen me in the sad & injured state i presently find myself in:
  • "as you may or may not know, i'm training to be a cage fighter. and i had a little mishap during my training session tuesday morning. i'm moving into tiger-fighting, and the baby tiger i was training with got ahold of my foot. but it's all good, man!
  • "you know how some tibetan monks burn themselves alive in protest of the china's oppression of tibet? well, this is my own form of protest. free tibet!"
  • "so i was watching this show on the discovery channel last night, and i was watching the one on pain and how your body responds to it. and i decided to do a little research on my own to make sure my pain sensors, neurons, and synapses were working properly. they are."

any other better stories you can come up with?

in case you were interested, most of my foot. is blue. blue. check it out. and this photo doesn't even do it justice. i'm blue!! when will the madness end!?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"a heaping boooowl of staple sauce..."

my neurons are firing at a seemingly unusual rate lately, causing (small) moments of stress, sleeping difficulties, and generally making me question & ponder certain things maybe a bit a too much. i guess my life's busy, & i have a lot to deal with right now...but i feel fine, in all honesty. just feels like any normal day in the life of nama.

here are some things my mind has really wanted to ponder on lately:

i've been 25 for two months now...and i'm still not used to/okay with it. life is moving on without me, yet needing me to figure out what's next, and i haven't a clue. i'm starting to question certain things in my life i never have before, and that's a bit worrisome. things haven't worked as i have planned (like they ever do...), and i'm dealing with that, i guess i should say. i just try to always remember that the Lord has a plan for me, and that it will all come to pass as long as i strive to do what is right. piece of cake, right? right.

why does it seem like the switch to daily saving's time (or switch from...? whatever, i can never keep it straight) is more difficult this time around? all i can say is that my body is not handling it well. it goes into complete mutiny when my alarm goes off in the morning, and 6(ish) just seems way to early to be dragging myself out of bed. and then at 10 when i try to go to sleep, no such luck. i lay there for an hour reading or watching "planet earth" on my portable dvd player, hoping something will put me to sleep. my body, again in the spirit of rebellion, insists on staying awake, because it's not bedtime! it's playtime! has this just been my experience this week? or do others out there share my pain?

the nonsense of the democratic primaries is really starting to get to me. what is it about running for a high profile office that turns perfectly respectable and electable people into 5 year olds? all this name calling, finger pointing, tattling, etc is just ridiculous. do they need a time out? "barack! go to the corner now, and think about what you did. hillary! sit in the time-out chair until you can play nice." why do i feel like a pre-school teacher with these two? they run to us crying, complaining that the other did this or that to them, and they're upset about it and want you to do something about it because you're the adult. come on! you're both perfectly respectable candidates, and you both have a lot to offer, and, in all honesty, i support both of you (well, one more than the other) in this race. act like the mature adults you are, stop all this bickering, and fight a good and honest fight. that will always win you more support.

saving the best for last, i have a new love in my like. and it's name is ikea. i've been twice in a week. i now have a new full-size bed with all the fixings (i'll post picture of this beauty soon), a garlic press, a kitchen timer, fancy storage boxes, and a wok. and i want to go back for more! i want to own their lovely book cases, their comfortable and fashionably cushioned chairs, the wonderful kitchen gadgets, the amazing storage devices, and the beautiful fabric and textures. and all at an affordable price. i love the swedes. they're my new favorite people.fin.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

march is for mistakes

happy march, from my calendar. once again, i keep feeling like i am that boat.

this is going to be a great month. i can feel it in my knees.