Thursday, February 21, 2008

"trying hard not to smile though I feel bad"

i purchased a calendar from for 2008 and hung it in my office thinking it would provide me with bouts of random laughter throughout the year.

perhaps i was wrong...

it's only february, and i keep staring at my calendar... and the more i stare, the more i start to feel like i'm that fish. poor little fella.

demotivation, indeed.


  1. LOL!!! But what do you do when your MOM buys you one of those calendars? This is not just a reference to your enjoyment of all things "YOUR MOM." Mine really did get us one. So now, not only is it demotivational, it's coming from my mother!!!

    But it's soooo funny...

    Did you get the soccer one? The "don't stand in between a jerk and his goals (or something like that)" cuz that's my favorite!!!LOL

  2. ya know, sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all of the unhappy people...

  3. yeah that website is soo funny, but somewhat demotivating you are right. how sad.

  4. You probably don't get the same joy from zoning that I do.

  5. But just think of how much that bear appreciates your deliciousness.

  6. Never-Eat-Shredded-Wheat: North- East-South_West: North-East-West-South: NEWS Its a stretch, I think I was tired.