Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i'm singing! and i'm work!

this past month would have been the 3rd anniversary of my blog. so special. and in celebration of such an occasion, i've decided to test all of you on your knowledge of the sung word. as many of you know, i sometimes have the quirk of using song lyrics for my blog titles. so special.

but now, it is your chance to show off your song-lyric-trivia knowledge!! below is a list of my past blogs that are actually song lyrics. review the list, take a stab at the song and artist, and include your stabbings in the comment section. the winner will receive praise, admiration, respect...and a gold star. also, please note, don't spoil it using google. i mean, what would the point of playing this trivial-pursuit-cranium-scene-it guess-the-lyric game if all you had to do was to have google look up the answers for you. lame! use your minds! expand them! work them out! it'll be good for you. trust me.

  1. "the sun's not yellow. it's chicken." - previous title of the blog.
  2. "it never rains when you want it to" - a sappy one, from october 2005.
  3. "¡cuidado! llamas!!!!" - this is a bit silly, but it is a song, nonetheless. from february 2006.
  4. "the space between" - here's your freebie. from may 2006.
  5. "this is halloween! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN!" - how festive. from october 2006.
  6. "you say you want a revolution?" - i'm such a rebel! also from october 2006.
  7. "'cause i'm a good house keeper" - such a good (read: angry) song. from november 2006.
  8. "i want to rock & roll all night" - another freebie. look how generous i am! from december 2006.
  9. "no one i think is in my tree" - that's deep. also from december 2006.
  10. "all the world is birthday cake" - mmm...indeed. from january 2007.
  11. "it's floodin' down in texas" - extra points for anybody who also includes the riff in typed form that proceeds this lyric. from march 2007.
  12. "tag team back again" - aaaaaah yeah. extra points here, too, for anyone who knows the rest of this song by heart. from august 2007.
  13. "thus far, a rather uninspiring thing" - how inspired. from september 2007.
  14. "laughing slapped his leg stale" - laughing at you trying to figure this one out. from october 2007.
  15. "everyone hail to the pumpkin king" - indeed. also from october 2007.
  16. "on her 22nd birthday, she already is an old maid" - story of my life. from november 2007.
  17. "baby you can drive my car, yes i'm gonna be a star" - and i'm totally a star in my civic hybrid. also from november 2007.
  18. "as long as i know how to love, i know i will stay alive" - i almost feel ashamed of this blog title. so cliche'. meh, whatever. from december 2007.
  19. "i'm a twentysomething, and i'll keep being me" - my anthem. from january 2008.
  20. "sometimes silence is the only sound" - sadness. also from january 2008.
  21. "they say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too, yeah" - so celebratory! last one from january 2008.
  22. "instant karma's gonna get you" - also the story of my life. from february 2008.
  23. "trying hard not the smile though i feel bad" - screw it. i'm smiling. also from february 2008.
  24. "you'll not see nothing like the might quinn" - current title of the blog.
  25. "i'd rather live in this world than live without him in mine" - not a blog, but i wanted to have an even 25, and it's the song that's been in my head since liz blogged about it. curse you.

and now, the bonus section!!! here are a few blog titles i've used that are movie/tv quotes. more stabbing for you.

  1. "mr. fish, did you die?" - seriously, one of the best movies. from june 2006.
  2. "are you sure this isn't something vodka can handle?" - its doing it's part. from july 2006.
  3. "have you been eating my make-up?" - i wouldn't recommend it. from august 2006.
  4. "when will the lambs stop screaming?" - hmm, i'm noticing a pattern. are you? from december 2006.
  5. "i can't feel my legs...I HAVE NO LEGS!!" - i'm not ashamed of this one. from january 2007.
  6. "i'm in a glass case of emotion!" - and it's white and padded. from february 2007.
  7. "i am a beautiful butterfly!" - and fat. from march 2007.
  8. "no eating here tonight!" - you're on a diet! because you're fat! i don't care if you're a beautiful butterfly. from april 2007.
  9. "it's sucking my will to live!" - too bad. it could have been a nice will. from june 2007.
  10. "lay off me. i'm STARVING!" - maybe that's why you're fat. from september 2007.

let the mental aerobics commence.


  1. "Video killed the radio star" It is an oldie but a goodie.

  2. Party on party people let me hear some noise...whoop, there it is.

    p.s. How's your yoga class?