Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"you know my name. look up the number."

after reading the tragic and wintry story of annie & her lost phonie, i was reminded of a similar story i call nama & the i-feel-asleep-in-my-friend's-car-on-the-way-to-the-airport-and-left-my-phone-in-her-car christmas adventures.

our story beings with nama being picked up by her friend katie at 4:45 a.m. on the crisp morning of december 23rd. katie's car was cold, nama was tired, and there was a big quilt in her back seat. nama logically proceeded in wrapping herself in the quilt and falling alseep while katie drove to the airport. somehow along the way, nama's open purse fell off the seat, spilling some of it's contents, including nama's black, slippery, & slim phone. nama was jerked awake as they approached the airport, and quickly slapped herself awake so that she could responsibly pass through airport security without making a fool of herself. she grabbed her purse, her bigger airplane purse, her rolling suitcase, and hopped out of the car at the passenger drop-off area.

nama successfully checks herself in and makes it to the very long airport security line. whilst standing/slowly moving forward in the line with airport security people yelling at everyone ("do you have any liquids! you have to place the liquids you intend to carry-on in this clear zip-lock bag! don't try to bring liquids on the plane without the zip-lock bag! we will stop you with a taser if you try!"), nama wonders what time it is. her instinctive reaction is to not look at the clock on the wall beside her, but to dig in her purse for her phone. nama digs for it...and digs...and takes the larger objects in her purse out...and digs some more...and phone in her purse! panic immediately sets in, and nama's thoughts begin racing:

"where's my phone? i probably left it in katie's car...but will she know? i could...not i can't call her. i don't have a phone. maybe she's not too far away, and she can bring it back to the airport? i need to...NO! i can't call her. I DON'T HAVE A PHONE!! what does one do in this situation? is this was it was like before cell phones? hmm...think, think, phones! they surely have pay phones here! change? hmm, no change. i'll break my $10 at the airport over-priced shop and use the pay phone. but...who will i call? my cell phone remembers numbers for me. i don't remember i have anyone's cell phone number memorized that i could call at 6:00 a.m. on a sunday morning to get katie's number? think, think, think...drawing a blank. not good. i know my dad & mom's cell phone numbers. that's it!? how pathetic. well, my dad's probably up. i can call him and go from there. yes, yes, that'll work..."

15 minutes later, nama successfully makes it through airport security, even with that bottle of mascara in her bag (gasp! an almost liquid that's not in a zip-lock bag! what will they do!). grabbing her purse and bigger purse, she runs to the airport over-priced store, buys a packet of trident for $2, and runs to the pay phones. nama inserts her quarter, tries to dial...and nothing happens. she tries again, making sure to press the '1'...still nothing. nama switches pay phones, attempts it very carefully and slowly dials her dad's cell phone number...nothing. panic is setting in again. why can't nama seem to work a pay phone? it has been an awfully long time since the age of pay phone usuage. nama then remembers collect! she'll call collect! she dials the '0', waits, waits some more, and is connected with a phone operator. she give the number. the phone operator asks for it again. she give the operator the number, the number that existed for years and years. the operator reads the number back to verify it, and then proceeds to tell nama that this number does not exist. what? nama confused. and begins getting more panicked.

nama gives up on the pay phone and runs to her gate. maybe they'll have a phone there she can use? yes, yes, they must! nama reaches the ticket counter and explains that she needs the use of a phone. the airline lady says sure, you can use our phone...but it only dials local numbers. doh! nama is at her wit's end. she's out of options. and still in a state of panic. a very nice man sitting by the ticket counter hears nama's story and graciously offers the use of his cell phone. bless you, my child. bless you! nama then dials her father's cell phone number, the one that apparently doesn't exist, and he answers! nama explains to him the situation, he says he will call nama's cell phone and call nama back. her panicked state, something seems amiss. she ends the phone call and mr. gracious man says, "why don't you just call your cell phone?" idiot nama! problem addressed, nama calls her cell phone, talks to her friend katie, and amazing katie offers to over-night nama's phone to her. bless you! nama's problem (for the mean time) solved!

and 3 days later, on the day after christmas, nama excitedly received her phone. and they both lived happily until now. and will hopefully continue to if nama stops abandoning her phone.


  1. Haha! I love!

    Alas. I did not remember even my mother's cell phone number... =(

  2. awe lovely lovely story. suspence and everything. YEAH for over night mail!!! darn how expensive it is.

  3. Phones like to fall out of pockets, so watch out-- especially if they're flip phones. Those hinges break

  4. Speaking of flip phone hinges... mine broke a couple of months ago, I reverted back to my old phone... I dropped my old phone in a huge rain puddle yesterday... it no longer works and I'm back to the broken-hinge phone. Whew. I really should get my own blog...and a new phone.