Tuesday, October 16, 2007

laughing slapped his leg stale: amusements of the week, part 1

get fuzzy's vegetarian/global warming/carnivorous message/antics seen in last week's strips:the onion's new take on the crazy side of modern art:

conceptual terrorists encase sears tower in jell-o our "entertainment" at a ward activity planned by the guys for the girls in the ward, which included chauffeuring, cooking & serving dinner, and escorting us from our tables to the lady's room: all the men on the church stage singing "ye elders of israel" in a rip-roarious manner.

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  1. Nama I LOVE Fuzzy!! (I'm WAY bored at work these days so I've taken to checking out stuff from good ol Villa days.) Anyway, stumbled on this and loved it. I just discovered Fuzzy only a few months ago. Don't even know if you're going to see this comment. But have a great day!