Monday, October 01, 2007

good days

of all the kinds of days i could be experiencing right now, i find that i can honestly say with a smile on my face that the last few days have been good ones. i've found myself not getting caught up in the worries that seem to plague my life at times, the uncertainties that i have a difficult time dealing with, the general questioning of why i have to go through this or that. instead, i feel at rest, a great sense of peace, that none of these questions and unknowns matter. what can i do about them? i don't seem to have much in the way of control, so why bother worrying, crying, or sulking? what good does that do? absolutely none.

paul talks about seeing the temporal things that are but for a moment in 2nd corinthians. this natural and mortal perspective we tend to have on our lifes, trying or wanting to only see what's coming up next, right around the corner, our motivation for moving foward at all. what about those times that seem to happen so often in your life when you have to take a step into the dark, not knowing or understanding what is to come? paul says that these things we don't see are eternal, the perspectives, connections, and reasons we either don't or cannot see that carry a far greater weight of glory than those temporary matters we tend to get ourselves caught up in.

i've been having good days. i've had moments of overwhelming, comforable peace that came suddenly and unexpected from the only, the one possible source where the heavy laden find their rest. who can worry and find themselves unhappy when He's here? "No harm can befall with my Comforter near."

i feel good, happy, settled, accepting, confident, and loved. "Oh, what shall I ask of thy providence more?"


  1. That's totally cool that you have found inner peace. Maybe I should pay more attention in Sunday school, or be smarter like Nama. Also, redoing my blog in the Swedish national colors couldn't hurt.

  2. the other day in sunday school, the teacher kept on pronouncing corinth "cornith".
    it bugged me.

    i didn't say it was a good story.