Monday, October 22, 2007

everyone hail to the pumpkin king

i used to love fall before i moved to utah, where fall occurred on friday. and was quickly followed by snow on saturday and sunday. cursed weather!

but i still do love fall for one fantastic reason: HALLOWEEN!!

which brings me to a question that is, i'm sure, is on every respectable person's mind right now: what will i be for halloween?

this has turned into quite the dilemma for me this year, because, come on! check out my costumes over the past 3 years:

your mom...

modern fairy...


how awesome! and perhaps my creative halloween juice is dry right now, but how can i keep to this sensational tradition of halloween costumes i've set up for myself? all i got right now teacher? lame, lame, lame!

i'm at a loss. any ideas?


  1. i think this year you should be rapunzel. get some really really long rope or fabric that matches your hair. braid it and wrap it all around you and then at the end of the braid attach a g.i. joe.
    clinging on for dear life.

  2. I was going to suggest a zombie a la Thriller, but I like the rapunzel deal a LOT better. I remember when you came dressed like my mom. I should have hit you up for money while I could.

  3. I had forgotten all about "your mom." Thanks for the fun flashback. This year I'm being a kitty. It requires very little effort on my part. Which is why, I think, it is a very accurate costume.

    But you, on the other hand, should DEFINITELY take Kat's advice. Which is generally a good idea.