Tuesday, September 18, 2007

thus far, a rather uninspiring thing

i'm blank. and so is my creativity. and my life. thus, the lack of inspiration.

however, my blog does seem to inspire those googling the following items:

1. "if the sun wasn't three years from now"
2. "stupid blonde"
3. "sun's it girl"
4. "does the lama song ever end"
5. "my name is simon"
6. "mighty quinn's bbq"
7. "exant flourish"
8. "99% undatable"

i don't know if they found what they were looking for in my blog, but i will now attempt to "answer" their "requests."

1. the sun's here to stay, according to its wikipedia site. i don't know where you heard that the sun "wasn't" three years from now, but i believe your "source" was wrong.

2. blondes are not stupid across the board, although i question that stereotype when i see a flighty-looking blonde wearing a screen t-shirt that says, "i had a nightmare that i was a brunette." she just might be stupid.

3. i was not aware that the sun had an "it" girl! is she more along the lines of an heiress socialite who is famous for absolutely no reason or more along the cute-young-hip actress who either turns out to be quite talented and a respectable human being or a washed up alcoholic who thinks she's above the law. i think we should be able to tell based on whether or not this "it" girl believes in wearing proper undergarments.

4. last time i checked, it didn't. llama, llama, duck...

5. correction. my name is nama. but i do like to do drawrings...(thank you wikhow)

6. i don't do red meat. try google maps.

7. i believe the correct spelling is exeunt flourish (thanks, kat). and yes, i love that episode, too. "she is dead to me! spit"

8. well...it's sad, but true. i am only 1% datable. why? because i hate dating. it's lame. probably because i am. but i will stand by seinfeld's observation that only 4% to 6% of the population is good looking. and the percentage of really, really, ridiculously good looking people is even smaller. again, another reason i don't date.

accurate answers? yes. inspiring? probably not.

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  1. nerd with no life (jon)September 18, 2007 6:32 PM

    Yes, but what if, 2 years and 11 months from now, the sun was swallowed up by an out-of-control quantum singularity which, compounded by the sun's gravity, transported it not only 12 scrillion light-years into the 4th dimension, but also displaced it 6.751 milibillion kilojoules into kinetic oblivion?

    Then won't you feel insignificant with your little "web-site"…

  2. Can I just give you my credit card so I can get your amazing life-changing program? Can I also pay in three easy payments of $6.65

  3. Haha! I love it! My blog turns up in all sorts of weird searches, too. My personal favorites are "how to steal water on facebook" and "'oh! dear'+'what happened'+'where does it hurt'" If that doesn't just say it all about everything I have to write.

  4. the chad,
    yes, please give me your credit card number so i can change your life. and instead of 3 easy payments of $6.65, you'll have two easy ones and one really hard payment.
    trust me. it'll change your life.

  5. While I'm at it, I'll just give you my birthdate, mother's maiden name, and social security number. Just to make sure that I qualify for your offer.