Wednesday, August 15, 2007


word of the day: bacon
colored sharpie of the day: sky blue
drink of the day: water
hematocrit for the day: 36%
snack of the day: cheesecake
success of the day: finished 4 of the 10 things on my to-do list
annoyance of the day: sam's club trip
articles of the day: "City Councilman Unearths Magical Zoning Amulet" & "August: Let's get rid of it."
song of the day: "blue spruce" - bela fleck & edgar meyer
accessory of the day: clip to hold my "bangs" back
news story of the day: suicide bombing in iraq
enemy(s) of the day: city planner(s) & Realtors
necessity of the day: moisturizer
mood of the day: eh with a hint of blah
day dream of the day: hiking instead of working
areas to be cleaned today: oven & refrigerator
friend of the day: jessica
graceful moment of the day: hitting head on "oh crap!" handle in car
insult of the day: cram it with walnuts, ugly!
comic of the day:


  1. I hope you don't hate all city planners/ future city planners.

  2. I once removed the "oh crap" handle from my car, but that just freed up the "oh crap" door frame to do its worst . . .

  3. gay atheist's bake sale... heehee...