Wednesday, August 22, 2007

tag team back again

wow. that was quite the 90s music flashback.

so, anne tagged me, and now i feel obligated, because she might make her mom sit on me if i don't follow through. but maybe if she did, and i was flattened, i could find willy wonka and use his taffy machine to flatten me out, and, in the process, i'd become much taller. and then i could reach tall things and see over heads of people instead of having to stare at everyone's neck/back/hiney when i'm in a crowd. hmmm...

but i, now, in no particular order, are ten fun nama facts that you might or might now know:

  1. i have several OCD tendencies when it comes to my habitual patterns; for example, my closet is color and style coded, my morning & nightly routine is an exact process with an exact order & i have everything i do timed, and most of my possessions have a home, somewhere it always goes and stays, and it never moves far or for too long from its home (one of the reasons i rarely lose things).

  2. i think i can honestly say that, since i started wearing makeup and caring about my face as a wee 12-ish-year-old, i have never gone to bed without washing my face (for possible reason, see item #1).

  3. as you may have noticed, i don't capitalize often on my blog. when i was a teenager, i started writing poetry, and, after doing a research report on ee cummings, was inspired by his style and only started capitalizing certain words in my poems, but mostly keeping everything lower case. now i don't write poetry anymore, and this blog has become my writing outlet; therefore, i kept with the tradition i started years ago inspired by and in tribute to ee cummings, arguably one of my favorite poets (others include t.s. eliot, langston hughes, & john keats).

  4. growing up, my list of future career aspirations at one time or another include the following: paleontologist, lawyer, actor/singer, pathologist, psychologist, anything involving forensics, paramedic, rainbow brite (give me a break, i was 5), a fairy (also at the age of 5), archaeologist, anthropologist, medical anthropologist, physician's assistant, ancient historian, and, most recently, physical anthropologist.

  5. i don't like most items that fall into the fruit category, but i do like just about every vegetable that i've had the chance to taste.

  6. i sang a lot growing up, and by my senior year in high school, that and theater was what i filled my extracurricular life with. during that time, i learned several tricks to help my voice when it was sick, tired, dry, etc. for a sick, sore, or gunky throat, lemon juice diluted with water or lemon tea with no sugar. it clears your throat up of anything that's stuck there & soothes any soreness that might hold you back. for a dry throat that water does not seem to quench, lays potato chips. just pop a few (and just a few or you'll end up gunky), and the oil will lubricate your cords just enough to allow for better clarity and ease in your voice.

  7. i once walked into a glass door. straight on. it was villa glass, so i was both surprised & grateful when it didn't shatter.

  8. i don't like living in basements. i feel too enclosed. you can't build basements in texas because of the soil, so i guess i've never gotten used to this foreign phenomenon of living underground. i prefer being on the top floor.

  9. i have 8 pillows. and i use most of those to encase myself in cocoon of pillows every night when i sleep.

  10. this last fun nama fact, i'm leaving up to you guys. share something that i/others may/not not know about me! but nothing gross. or embarrassing. or geeky. or anything that i told you in conjunction with the phrase, "i'm telling you this in confidence."

have at it! and to give you some inspiration, meet the simpsonized me:


  1. you never know- you could still grow up to be a fairy or rainbow brite. I'm still hoping I can be Indiana Jones when I grow up.

  2. fun fact about nama: she can speak cheerio. unfortunately, i have never been able to learn this particular dialect and so cannot understand her when her mouth is full of cheerios.

  3. well I know you like yoga :)
    PS how are you? I miss you.

  4. ciao from pollena trocchia...but was u in the trip with roger in pollena trocchia?if yes, i don't understand who are u, but im u remeber me?peter's and sheridan 's friend?this is my email
    write me back soon

  5. So this one asked us to make up the last fact...


    Not really. But every time I clicked on your link I had a little bit of grief about it.

    So...this isn't very original, but it's something I find intriguing. It's called, Nama's blog is always named after song lyrics.

    This is more original: This one time, Nama was "Your Mom" for Halloween. Which idea Meagan and I ripped off 2 years later, and we were received with more praise and acclaim than I have received for any other costume ever. Ergo, Nama is my inspiration.