Wednesday, August 08, 2007

life, we have a problem

i despise writing pleas-for-help blogs, but, nevertheless, i'm desperate...

after a recent turn of unexpected events, i am able to stay in my apartment that i've lived in for 2 years now! i'm very excited, because, among other reasons, i hate moving.

however, now i have a problem in the roommate department, that problem being that i don't have any. and because my apartment isn't student housing, there has to be 3 people living there.

and now my plea...

if any of you know of anybody who is looking for a place to live, please, please, please let me know. i trust (most) of your judgements and assume that you won't send me a crazy person who likes to party all night/steal/sacrifice chickens in the kitchen and is psychopathic/untrustworthy/as fat as your mom ('cause there's no way she'll fit in my hizzle).

i'd appreciate any help with this matter, especially as the contracts need to be signed and sent to my landlords next week (yikes!).



  1. I would totally send any non chicken-sacrificing friends your way. I don't know any, though. I am actually going through something similar. I have a fixed rent payment (thank heavens) but I have to split utilities with people, and that can get expensive. Good luck!

  2. Brittany's looking for a place to live. And I'm pretty sure she doesn't sacrifice chickens. But I could be wrong.

  3. i dont think you need roommates. what you need it a 'ken.' and a hot pink convertable wouldnt hurt either.

  4. Good luck holding down the fort!

  5. Who doesn't need a Ken? Or a hot pink convertible? Or a roommate as awesome as Nama? This is me wishing I either was made of plastic, had my own accessorized/worry-free world...or wasn’t a student right now. Sniff.

    Good luck! I'll pass the word around...

  6. In a sad commentary on the state of my selfishness, I don't even KNOW where you are living, Nama! If it's anywhere close to Salt Lake, I would SOO be interested . . .

  7. UPDATE:
    it's late, but whatever. roommates have been found (the same day i posted this, in fact), everything worked out beautifully, and everything's happy!