Thursday, August 02, 2007

i don't want to talk about it


remember when i said "tune in next week"...

well, instead of delving into the most lovely of lovely descriptions of my sometimes sad, often pity-able existence since then, i'll just do a quick re-cap...

  • harry potter. read & loved. and cried like a baby.
  • harry potter party. not really attended & crazies not observed (reasons for, see below)
  • chance meeting with a migraine from hell that lasted a good week.
  • roommates vacated apartment. now alone. so very alone.
  • watched 4-ish hours of "america's next top model" over the weekend.
  • possibly moving in 2 weeks. don't know where/if yet.
  • bought shirtdress for $22 on ebay thinking it might not look awkward on me.
  • it did.
  • em visited! met taquito/taco/chimichanga.
  • saw hairspray. haven't laughed that hard in a while.
  • made a cinnamon crumb cake. delicious.

i'll let you know if anything else exciting happens around here. if you need be, i'll be holding down the fort and watching filipino inmates serve time on youtube (thanks kat):


  1. Taquito misses you. And I do too I guess. :) Thanks for letting me(us) stay with you.

  2. I briefly attended a harry Potter party at Borders. Believe me, there were weirdos, but a lot of teenagers--which is why I didn't stay.

  3. bryce moved out yesterday. i just finished rearranging the room. its roomy.

  4. It's a thingy! A fiendish thingy! Run, Ringo!