Wednesday, August 22, 2007

tag team back again

wow. that was quite the 90s music flashback.

so, anne tagged me, and now i feel obligated, because she might make her mom sit on me if i don't follow through. but maybe if she did, and i was flattened, i could find willy wonka and use his taffy machine to flatten me out, and, in the process, i'd become much taller. and then i could reach tall things and see over heads of people instead of having to stare at everyone's neck/back/hiney when i'm in a crowd. hmmm...

but i, now, in no particular order, are ten fun nama facts that you might or might now know:

  1. i have several OCD tendencies when it comes to my habitual patterns; for example, my closet is color and style coded, my morning & nightly routine is an exact process with an exact order & i have everything i do timed, and most of my possessions have a home, somewhere it always goes and stays, and it never moves far or for too long from its home (one of the reasons i rarely lose things).

  2. i think i can honestly say that, since i started wearing makeup and caring about my face as a wee 12-ish-year-old, i have never gone to bed without washing my face (for possible reason, see item #1).

  3. as you may have noticed, i don't capitalize often on my blog. when i was a teenager, i started writing poetry, and, after doing a research report on ee cummings, was inspired by his style and only started capitalizing certain words in my poems, but mostly keeping everything lower case. now i don't write poetry anymore, and this blog has become my writing outlet; therefore, i kept with the tradition i started years ago inspired by and in tribute to ee cummings, arguably one of my favorite poets (others include t.s. eliot, langston hughes, & john keats).

  4. growing up, my list of future career aspirations at one time or another include the following: paleontologist, lawyer, actor/singer, pathologist, psychologist, anything involving forensics, paramedic, rainbow brite (give me a break, i was 5), a fairy (also at the age of 5), archaeologist, anthropologist, medical anthropologist, physician's assistant, ancient historian, and, most recently, physical anthropologist.

  5. i don't like most items that fall into the fruit category, but i do like just about every vegetable that i've had the chance to taste.

  6. i sang a lot growing up, and by my senior year in high school, that and theater was what i filled my extracurricular life with. during that time, i learned several tricks to help my voice when it was sick, tired, dry, etc. for a sick, sore, or gunky throat, lemon juice diluted with water or lemon tea with no sugar. it clears your throat up of anything that's stuck there & soothes any soreness that might hold you back. for a dry throat that water does not seem to quench, lays potato chips. just pop a few (and just a few or you'll end up gunky), and the oil will lubricate your cords just enough to allow for better clarity and ease in your voice.

  7. i once walked into a glass door. straight on. it was villa glass, so i was both surprised & grateful when it didn't shatter.

  8. i don't like living in basements. i feel too enclosed. you can't build basements in texas because of the soil, so i guess i've never gotten used to this foreign phenomenon of living underground. i prefer being on the top floor.

  9. i have 8 pillows. and i use most of those to encase myself in cocoon of pillows every night when i sleep.

  10. this last fun nama fact, i'm leaving up to you guys. share something that i/others may/not not know about me! but nothing gross. or embarrassing. or geeky. or anything that i told you in conjunction with the phrase, "i'm telling you this in confidence."

have at it! and to give you some inspiration, meet the simpsonized me:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


word of the day: bacon
colored sharpie of the day: sky blue
drink of the day: water
hematocrit for the day: 36%
snack of the day: cheesecake
success of the day: finished 4 of the 10 things on my to-do list
annoyance of the day: sam's club trip
articles of the day: "City Councilman Unearths Magical Zoning Amulet" & "August: Let's get rid of it."
song of the day: "blue spruce" - bela fleck & edgar meyer
accessory of the day: clip to hold my "bangs" back
news story of the day: suicide bombing in iraq
enemy(s) of the day: city planner(s) & Realtors
necessity of the day: moisturizer
mood of the day: eh with a hint of blah
day dream of the day: hiking instead of working
areas to be cleaned today: oven & refrigerator
friend of the day: jessica
graceful moment of the day: hitting head on "oh crap!" handle in car
insult of the day: cram it with walnuts, ugly!
comic of the day:

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

life, we have a problem

i despise writing pleas-for-help blogs, but, nevertheless, i'm desperate...

after a recent turn of unexpected events, i am able to stay in my apartment that i've lived in for 2 years now! i'm very excited, because, among other reasons, i hate moving.

however, now i have a problem in the roommate department, that problem being that i don't have any. and because my apartment isn't student housing, there has to be 3 people living there.

and now my plea...

if any of you know of anybody who is looking for a place to live, please, please, please let me know. i trust (most) of your judgements and assume that you won't send me a crazy person who likes to party all night/steal/sacrifice chickens in the kitchen and is psychopathic/untrustworthy/as fat as your mom ('cause there's no way she'll fit in my hizzle).

i'd appreciate any help with this matter, especially as the contracts need to be signed and sent to my landlords next week (yikes!).


Thursday, August 02, 2007

i don't want to talk about it


remember when i said "tune in next week"...

well, instead of delving into the most lovely of lovely descriptions of my sometimes sad, often pity-able existence since then, i'll just do a quick re-cap...

  • harry potter. read & loved. and cried like a baby.
  • harry potter party. not really attended & crazies not observed (reasons for, see below)
  • chance meeting with a migraine from hell that lasted a good week.
  • roommates vacated apartment. now alone. so very alone.
  • watched 4-ish hours of "america's next top model" over the weekend.
  • possibly moving in 2 weeks. don't know where/if yet.
  • bought shirtdress for $22 on ebay thinking it might not look awkward on me.
  • it did.
  • em visited! met taquito/taco/chimichanga.
  • saw hairspray. haven't laughed that hard in a while.
  • made a cinnamon crumb cake. delicious.

i'll let you know if anything else exciting happens around here. if you need be, i'll be holding down the fort and watching filipino inmates serve time on youtube (thanks kat):