Tuesday, June 05, 2007

interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum europe vincendarum.

remember how i'm a certifiable geek? you don't? well, here's all the proof you need: my national geographic membership certificate,and my smithsonian member card (name has been "changed" to protect the geek's real name).

but wait! there's more. last week, i went to buy stamps, and the following conversation ensued:

post office guy: what kind of stamps do you want?
certifiable geek: i don't know. how about something fun?
p.o.g.: we have these new star wars stamps... [shows c.g. sample of such stamps]
c.g. [busting with excitement]: i'll take 'em!

and i did. without any shame.yep. i'm a geek. a proud one. so to all of you who think i'm "cool," you're horribly mistaken. i have never been "cool," nor will i ever be if this collection of geek paraphernalia grows.

next on my list: a life-size, carboard cut-out of jack sparrow.


  1. Interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum matre tua vincendarum.

    And I"m leaving right now to go buy Star Wars stamps.

  2. i-terdum don't-idine have-ium any-rum idea-dum what-re that-ua means-incendarum.

    don't worry, geeky is the new cool.

  3. good luck with that, jon. she's a biggen'.

    and just to avoid more confusion, the latin phrase translated is: sometimes, i get the urge to conquer large parts of europe.

    ha! such a geek...good things it's the new cool.

  4. finally, all of my assumptions have come true.

  5. You have to go to a convention for something really nerdy and attended primarily by people named Steve. It'll help you kick things up a notch.

  6. it's true. i go to every convention i can find.

  7. Chris's national geographic membership certificate is hanging in our bedroom. Along with his bullhorns. No wonder we're all friends.

  8. Just out of curiosity where did u get this quote? I'm reading a book and the main character uses it.