Thursday, June 21, 2007

it's sucking my will to live!

i love the dry heat of utah. i love being able to walk outside at 8 a.m. & not be drenched with sticky sweat. i love that if the temperature gauge says 95 degrees, it's 95 degrees. and i especially loves these things after the abnormally long winter that kept dragging on and on for what seemed like months and months. i hate winter(as you may recall). i love summer. i hate being cold. i love being warm/hot.

summer, i welcome thee.

however, my body doth not welcome thee. my body is angry. and hates you. the dry heat of a wonderfully enjoyable utah summer has just about sucked me dry. literally. i doubt there is much moisture left in me to sustain me for much longer. the minute i put in eye drops into my itching, dry eyes, or squirt moisturizing saline nasal mist into my barrenly dry nasal passages & sinuses, or down a 16 oz. bottle of water into my scratching dry throat, or plaster oil of olay moisturizer onto my flaking face or johnson & johnson baby lotion all over my scaly skin, all that added moisture leaves my body. i'm not sure in what form, but believe me, it doesn't stop my eyes from irritating me, my sinuses from hurting & my nose bleeding, my throat from refusing to stay well lubricated, or my face from flaking off & my skin from itchingitchingitching with dryness. i just was some moisture!!!

but not too much. thankfully, an acceptable & inviting solution has presented itself.

if you need me this weekend, you shall not find me here wasting/flaking away in the dryness of utah, but shall find me in dallas, texas, my home of homes, sweating and feeling ridiculously sticky in the wetness of the humidity, but finally being in a place that allows its moisture to soak into my body and stay there.


and when i'm sick of the sweating & stickiness & no longer feel dry, i'll come back. and try not to let the dryness suck out all of the moisture texas so lovingly spared for me. perhaps i will bottle some. maybe even sell it, as i assume there are others like me out there suffering needlessly in the dryness of dry.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum europe vincendarum.

remember how i'm a certifiable geek? you don't? well, here's all the proof you need: my national geographic membership certificate,and my smithsonian member card (name has been "changed" to protect the geek's real name).

but wait! there's more. last week, i went to buy stamps, and the following conversation ensued:

post office guy: what kind of stamps do you want?
certifiable geek: i don't know. how about something fun?
p.o.g.: we have these new star wars stamps... [shows c.g. sample of such stamps]
c.g. [busting with excitement]: i'll take 'em!

and i did. without any shame.yep. i'm a geek. a proud one. so to all of you who think i'm "cool," you're horribly mistaken. i have never been "cool," nor will i ever be if this collection of geek paraphernalia grows.

next on my list: a life-size, carboard cut-out of jack sparrow.