Tuesday, May 29, 2007

paging dr. freud...

i've never bought into dream interpretations, mostly because i think it's a load of crap & that one can relate any "deep" meaning to whatever dreams you may have.

for example, if i dreamt that i was in school & forgot to write that big paper that was due that day, some might say that it meant that i was in actually a serial killer with a tendency towards poking college-aged persons to death by way of paper cuts.


i would like to retract my former disbelieve, but only momentarily, so that the dream i had last night may be interpreted, because i'm convinced there's some deep & weirdly psychologically meaning behind it.

set up: jessica, matt, & i were in my childhood home "playing" with a mr. potato head
time of day: late afternoon
action: i picked up the mr. potato head and turned it on, like it was a teddy ruxpin or something. and it started talking/moving around. i remember it's head kind of doing an exorcist thing. and then it stopped suddenly. so i turned it back on and it started to display the same oddly robotic features as before, then stopped suddenly again. it then started smoking & shaking. and, as always in dreams, this is immediately understood by the observers. this mr. potato head was built with a self-destructive device that causes it to spontaneously combust when it doesn't work anymore.

of course.

so i put it down on the floor, and the 3 of us watched it combust. bits of the mr. potato head were flying everywhere & then dissolving in a fairly isolated area right around where i sat it down. it was continually smoking & felt very hot as i got near it (i attribute this aspect of this dream to the fact that i was hot whilst trying to sleep, but so engrossed apparently in this awesome dream that i wasn't waking up to do something about it). then, as suddenly as it started, it stopped. the smoke vanished, and all that was left of the former mr. potato head was a battery pack that looked like a couple of sticks of dynamite with wires coming out either end & two of those little fans normally found inside computers to keep them cool.

and this was all quite normal to us.

so what does this mean? am i still a serial killer? am i holding onto something? am i going to die in a freak circus accident? please, somebody help me!


  1. Maybe it just means that you like watching things blow-up? Can you tell me why I keep dreaming of a big flying rainbow fish that shows up whenever it isn't feeling well?

  2. you must not be getting nearly enough "mr potato head" in your diet.

  3. i did a little research and apparently your dream means you're actually a serial killer with a tendency towards poking college-aged persons to death by way of paper cuts.

    too bad.

  4. I did a little searching on the internet and I found a website that could help you. I think you should really consider it. And remember, you have friends that care for you.