Monday, May 21, 2007

i've had the time of my life...until now

my best friend of 12-ish years & i have toyed with the idea of doing some collaborative writing. she has an english degree & is off in chicago now writing weekly, soap opera-y plays for a theater and i...have a degree in anthropology...and i blog...

i know, i know. i'm comparatively so much more of a loser than her, but, still, i enjoy writing, and that's really half the battle, am i right?

we've had dreams of traveling the globe together as an anthropologist & her ghost writer, a well-seasoned dramatist & her lackey, or two dorks who have nothing else to do with their degrees. alas, we're far from those dreams. however, as we've been talking via google chat daily for a while now, we've come to the conclusion that we're funny. and inventive. and collaborate rather well together. so, we've come up with a solution...our very own nerdy blog: a collection of what the heck we end up talking about throughout our work days, good or bad, peaceful or violent, creative or's all on display now...

Big Dreams & College Degrees

so stop on by & enjoy our rants. we think we're funny.


  1. dude, i am so the bigger loser. and we are funny.

  2. I suggest you write a musical about your experiences. The greatest thing is, they don't have to be true.