Monday, May 14, 2007

adventures in catalogs

because of my impeccable "grace," it is a rare thing indeed to experience those picture-esque, movie moments. i've never been standing on a train with my "crush" enjoying a charming yet inconspicuous conversation when the train stops suddenly and causes me to lose my balance, and I gracefully fall backwards into his arms, our eyes meeting as he catches me.

nope. not that kind of girl. i would have lost my balance, teetered for half a second, and fallen on my face, probably landing in some unidentified liquid form somebody spilled earlier in the day, and my "crush" would have just stood there staring at me with a look that said, "i can't believe i got on the train with her," and the rest of the train ride would be passed in silence as i tried wiping the liquidy substance from my face/hair with my sweater. hot.

but by some act of congress, i had a classifiable "moment" on saturday. observe...

matt & i were riding a waverunner around utah lake on saturday, and when we "parked" the waverunner on the "shore" of the lake, we had to walk back to the other "dock" along very rocky ground to join the rest of the group. matt had flip flops on. i did not. i attempted to walk carefully along the treacherous path, when matt swooped me up into his arms in a gentlemanly fashion. however, as skin-rubbing-against-skin contact isn't the most comfortable way to experience such a gesture, he put me down, and i proceeded to jump onto his back, and we strolled along the "beach," my arms around his neck, his arms supporting my legs, both smiling in the warm afternoon sun, boats & jet skis racing by. it was then that matt remarked that we looked like we belonged in an abercrombie & fitch catalog.

a moment. something you would see in a movie that took place in the northeast somewhere, or a picture you would see in a j.crew catalog. for 1 glorious minute, i achieved a sort of grace only seen in fictitiously filmed set-ups and air-brush-quality pictures of happy & classy people who can afford to boat every weekend in the hamptons and pay $150 for a pair of shorts.

and now, back to my falling-down, unphotographable, $10-pair-of-shoes life.


  1. Woot! Seize the day!

    As for me, I've deluded myself into thinking band-aids, bruises, and ankle braces are hot.

    They're hot, ok?!

  2. ya know, i dont remember any of this...


  3. Saweeet!
    I wish those kind of things happened to me...
    Mike and I tried to plan that once--a slow motion run across campus and jump into his arms. But we're too shy.