Monday, April 23, 2007

the prodigal son has returned!


i have an announcement to make, one that may shock some, frighten others, or just make you say, "huh."

after 7 & 1/2 years abstaining from mammal flesh, i have broken that line...with a chicken green chile quesadilla from bajio. yes, the rumors are true! (and quite a good fleetwood mac album, too.) i am now an omnivore. i now regularly tear apart the flesh of mammals with my bare claws & consume the carcases of caribou until i haved been filled to capacity and can lie for the rest of the day in under the sub-saharan sun napping...

oh, wait. that's not me. that's a lion...

but, really. i do eat meat regularly now...sort of. i've started with chicken & have stayed there. i'm not ready to eat red meat, yet. the lion in me has not been awakened yet.

so go ahead with your petty comments & accusative questions...all you need to know is that this was my decision, it's been a year or so in the making, & my family has welcomed me back with open, meat-filled hands!

nama [on phone]: dad, i have an annoucement to make...i had chicken for dinner tonight.
nama's dad: well, so did i....


  1. Whatever. I'll wake up here in a second when my alarm goes off.

  2. So... that fried chicken might be a good idea after all. Don't go back to red meat. Trust me, it isn't worth it.

  3. sooo, when are we gonna bbq?

  4. mmm... i like food.
    can we make shishkabobs at the barbeque?

  5. with this nice up & coming weather, we should do a barbeque/swimming par-tay at the villa pool. i mean, moydie's still there. we're all just...his friends...visiting the pool...

  6. Nama, I haven't read blogs in forever...apparently, I'm missing tons of important info. p.s. I was at Tina's wedding reception yesterday and saw a few Villa folks, and that makes me think such a bbq would be a great idea. for reals. anyway, good luck with the meat-eating. how do you feel about fish? the animals on madagascar apparently don't see it as meat. your thoughts?