Thursday, April 26, 2007

the man rocks!

item 1:

i love food. and free stuff. therefore, i am in favor of imagined corporate "holidays" to celebrate people like me, as it can involve both of these joys.

item 2:

i work for the man. yes, big brother, the gob'ment, dr. evil...take your pick. some days, i wonder what happened to my bohemian ambitions of joining the peace corp & not slaving away 40 hours a week for the man. and yet, here i sit, totally subservient to the man, wasting away 40 hours a week in an office, wishing i was someplace warmer, perhaps, or at least somewhere i could run around barefoot.


wednesday was "administrative professionals day," which is pretty much an overinflated secretary's day. i am a secretary. the man has a day huh. and what did the man see fit to give me? a free lunch at olive garden, where i partook of the stuffed chicken marsala & italian cream cake, and an american express gift card.


i'm tempted to like the man now. after all, the man does pay me pretty well, gives me great health & dental benefits, and lets me have a 3-day weekend...every week. he pays me on holidays, allows me to have power over people, and lets me spend his money...regularly.

in the words of david cassidy, i think i love you, the man.

rock on, pal. rock. on.


  1. Don't love the man, just use him while you can. After all, he is the man, you gotta hold onto your bohemian roots.

  2. ya know, the man really isnt that bad once you get to know him.

  3. I'm so stinkin' stinkin' jealous of your job. That's all.

  4. i'll love anyone who gives me cake.