Monday, April 09, 2007

i don't do stuff

on saturday, i did something i thought i'd never do ...i hiked the 'Y'.

yes, i've lived here for over 3 & 1/2 years now and have been a graduate for nearly a year, but no, i have never hiked the 'Y' until two days ago. since i'm not a big hiker, i was reassured that this particular hike would be easy and that my gramma could make it, and the fact that i also hiked most of stuart falls about a month ago also bolstered my confidence that i could, indeed, not only hike the 'Y', but kick trash at the same time. however, i found myself, instead, being painfully reminded of how out-of-shape i am.

oh how the mighty fall so quickly and with so much whining...

i was dying by the 4th switchback, having to stop frequently to catch my breath and try to not die. by the time number 6 came around, i was told that i was only half way there. i was no longer having fun. i was starting to get fiesty. and i wanted to sit and whine.

but, fortunately, i had someone there to push me along, knowing that i could do this. i pushed, went a bit slower, and by the time we reached the 10th switchback, i felt triumphant (well, triumphant in the sense that, even though i felt like a wuss, i still pushed on, continuing to feel like a wuss, but a wuss who wouldn't quit, dang it!), and given the option of hiking up 2 more switchbacks to the top of the 'Y' as opposed to the bottom, i decided i could do it. i pushed myself a little further, and i made it! i do have the heart of a champion!

and now all i have to show for it are sore quads, gluts, and ankles. and a desire to never, ever hike the 'Y' again.


  1. I hiked the Y once. It almost killed me. It's sadder now that I actually know how many switchbacks there are. I think they should install a tram. The end. By Annie.

  2. I'm proud of you. I've never hiked the "Y" and I never intend to. I recently started hiking here in AZ, but I proudly take the ridiculously easy trails. It's barely hiking and more like nature-walking.

  3. the 'Y' is so disappointing. i mean, the trail-head is already so high up that when you reach the top, you find that the view doesnt get any better the higher you go.