Wednesday, March 14, 2007

it's floodin' down in texas

first, some good news:

my lil' brudder got his mission call!!! (and no, he's not a one-legged puppy, but yes, he can't decide whether to go into male modeling or high finance...) he'll be serving in the mexico leon mission and reports to the mtc on july 3rd!!! my family is all a-buzz with excitement, and we're just so very proud of him!

and now, a memory:

i woke up one day last week with stevie ray vaughn's "tightrope" in my head. i'm not sure why (maybe i had a freaky circus dream that involved cirque de soleil performing tightropian feats of strength to stevie ray vaughn as opposed to celine dion or josh groban...who knows?) anywho, as i had this song in my head all day (and still currently do...that must be some wicked dream i'm not remembering...), i realized that it had been a long while, too long, in fact, since i had listened to stevie ray vaughn, much less some good ole' blues music in general.

i talked to my best friend about this, and we had some fun memories of our high school blues days, days that were filled with the hard, rockin' sounds of john mayall, buddy guy, eric clapton, jimmy vaughn, jonny lang, muddy waters, keb' mo', shemekia copeland, and, of course, stevie ray vaughn. (thanks wikipedia) we even saw most of these guys live at various festivals and concerts, and let me tell ya, there is not much that compares to live blues music. in fact, as i sat listening to some of my stevie ray vaughn cds, i just wasn't feeling it. so i went and youtube'd some of his austin city limits performances (sorry, viacom) and found this gem, his last appearance on the show:

seriously. simply incredible. i listened to the studio recording of this buddy guy song, called "leave my girl alone", and it just wasn't the same. there is something that gets into your soul when you hear/see live blues music that isn't translated in the recording studio. as much as i love the song "texas flood" or his verison of "little wing", watching videos of his live performances amplifies some deep spirit that resides beneath the rhythms, melodies, and chords, even beyond stevie ray vaughn's rough and soul-filled vocals, something that gets inside of you and gives you goosebumps. here's another taste:

i never got to see stevie ray vaughn, as he died in 1990, well before my blues days, but i can't help but think of how overwhelming it would have been, moreso than when i saw eric clapton or john mayall. i could have died. but seeing the great live blues that i was able to see...that was the time of my life.


  1. Aw, there you go, capturing emotion. I miss those days...sigh.

  2. Hey Amanda! Its me your big bro Mikey. I got to see Stevie Ray live once and all I can say is "WOW!" I get goose bumps even today when I listen to his music. It was the best show that I have ever seen next to George Strait.

  3. I so so love that you just posted about the love of live blues. You know I'm with you girl. Blues is wonderful, live blues can be life changing.

  4. ya know, they put "texas flood" on guitar hero. just fyi.