Monday, February 12, 2007

dried up

i came into work last week to find a vase of fresh, white roses sitting on my desk, a kind gesture from my boss. i had received flowers from a friend for my birthday, but, before then, i can't remember the last time i was given flowers. i forgot how beautiful roses are, how happy it makes me to care for them day after day until they finally die.

i took meticulous care of these white beauties, trimming their stems, refreshing their water everyday, and, to my delight, they quickly bloomed. my twelve roses remained open all week and brought a smile to my face whenever i would catch a glimpse of them.

over the weekend, with no one to care for them, they died; however, instead of finding my desk littered with petals or each rose sadly drooping, they remained in their perfect state and simply dried up, still open, still reaching for the sun. the stems have browned, the water now useless, and yet, each crisp petal remains.

hope still remains in the dried up roses of my life. my patience wanes, i continue to water, to trim, to remain grateful for the little buds of life that continue to pop up. and yet, i can't help but doubt that all of this care, all of the energy and effort required will only end in a desk littered with lifeless petals that once held the hope of what could have been.

for now, i suppose, i will take this gesture of life shown to me by these twelve, pristine roses; drink deeply of living waters, look to the sun, and live.


  1. man, i was totally waiting for a punchline

  2. You're beautiful and I love you. Happy Valentine's Day.